Welcome Package - Strike System

Strikes are penalties assessed by the storyteller team for severe player misconduct. The strike system is OWBN-standard. Three strikes mean the banning of the offending player from the game. During a strike vote, the player in question will have the opportunity to be present and speak on his or her own behalf.

Examples of misconduct and the number of strikes possibly assessed:

  • Taking in-character actions and acting on them out-of-character; i.e. Joe Blow killed my character, so I'm going to reveal personal confidences on the e-mail list
    • 1 strike
  • Joe Blow killed my character, so I'm going to pour sugar in his gas tank
    • 3 Strikes
  • Arriving at games under the influence of recreational pharmaceuticals
    • 3 Strikes
  • Uninvited touching
    • 1 Strike
  • Consistently ignoring ST calls
    • 1 Strike
  • Consistently arguing ST rulings in game
    • 1 Strike
    • We are more then willing to discuss calls/rulings after the game. A great place to makes us aware of problems like that is in your Player Actions or to arrange a time to sit down with the storytelling team.

Strike Removal

The storyteller team will consider removing strikes four months after the last assessed strike. For example: First strike received in January. Second strike received in April. The storytellers will consider removing one strike in August. If one's removed, the second strike will come up for review in December.


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