The Winnipeg Tribune

December 29, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 16

Christmas Spirit

(Staff - Dec. 27/01) Winnipeg Police received calls from five different homes yesterday. Each reporting having found wrapped presents on their door steps in the morning.

When police arrived they had no choice but to pick up the already unwrapped presents. One of the officers present was reported to have called it the most unpleasant duty he has ever had to do.

Four of the families who had their gifts returned. Did a very surprising thing, they asked for address of where the gifts had been found.

Later that day the families returned the presents to children and families who had already opened them.

Ms. Daniels, mother of four, broke in to tears when the presents were given back to her children.

"I hugged them when they gave them back to my kids. I guess the Christmas Spirit is not dead," she said in a phone interview.

Parties Galore

(Staff - Dec. 29/01) As always, Winnipeg is one big party city on this, the biggest party night of the year.

The Forks will be hosting a number of local musical acts, exhibits, and activities for the kids and young at heart. Ending the night with the traditional fireworks display to bring in the New Year.

The Convention Centre is one of the many places to be for the young and old alike. Two separate parties will be taking place there. The first one will feature Swing and big band music, while the second sounds off with music from today’s generation.

The Hotel Fort Garry is to be the place to be for the city’s rich and elite with a thousand dollar per plate event.

"All the money raised will be going to the Christmas Cheer Board to give a most worthy program a head start for next year." stated organizer Jon Stepphan.

Hundreds of other parties will be taking place all over the city. We hope that you have a Happy and Safe New Years, and make sure you read the paper January 2, 2002 for the reviews of some of the parties.

Famed Seer

(Staff - Dec. 21/01) A famed Hollywood Seer has been spotted in a local hospital this week. Rumours have been coming out of Hollywood for several months that Madam Oleetoe is on her deathbed.

It has been confirmed that she has sold her home in the Hollywood hills roughly a year ago. Since then she has been seen in a number of different cities across North America. It has been speculated that she seeking medical treatment for an undisclosed condition. It is now believed that she has come to spend her last days here in Winnipeg, the place of her birth.

Reports from Hollywood insiders say that a number of her clients are actively looking for her and have set up a hotline (1-800-###-####). A representative for Madam Oleetoe’s client’s says "we just want to make sure she is receiving the best care possible and help her in any way she wishes."

Christmas Break-ins

(Staff - Dec. 26/01) Not all families awoke yesterday morning to a merry Christmas. Roughly 40 homes in the Lindenwoods and Whyte Ridge areas were broken into during the night.

Each of the surprised families was made up of well-off parents, and three or more children.

While the thieves are believed to have had more then enough time to remove all of the presents they did not. They only took roughly half of the presents, from each member of the family.

Later in the day police recovered a small portion of the stolen presents. They were found on the doorsteps of homes in North end, along with a box of food.

Police believe that the remaining presents have found their way in to various homes around the city.

Secret Meetings?

(Staff - Dec. 29/01) The President of the WSO was seen leaving a meeting with several WSO musicians Friday afternoon.

When this reporter attempted to obtain quotes from either party I was told that no meeting took place and they just happened to be in the building at the same time. What this will mean for the WSO remains to be seen.

Milk Protest Goes Bad

(Staff - Dec. 18/01) As P.E.T.A. protestors handed out anti-milk cards to the passing children outside of Earl Grey School yesterday afternoon, things turned ugly.

The schoolyard was filled with parents, and other protestors, some pro-milk, and others being anti-P.E.T.A. Heated words passed between the different groups. Then things took a turn for the worse, and fists started flying between the two groups.

The anti-P.E.T.A. group felt that P.E.T.A. was completely wasting its time, and called for them to leave the children alone. It is unclear who threw the first punch, but the entire scene was thrown into chaos. Parents had to quickly scramble to get their children out of the way.

The police were able to break up the fight quickly and seven people were taken into custody.

Exhibit Coming to Town

(Staff - Dec. 27/01) The Museum of Man and Nature released a brief announcement early yesterday, to the general public.

In the first few months of the New Year, Winnipeg will be the first stop of a new historical exhibit including various historical texts and curiosities.

At this point, Museum spokespersons have declined to give out any more details, but assured the press that more information would be made available and promised that press would be given a special showing.

Financial Outlook

(Staff - Dec. 29/01) This past year has shown a number of setbacks in the corporate sector. With a large number of what were supposed successful corporations, declaring bankruptcy, and other companies have very poor profit showing compared to years past.

The New Year is filled with doubt. No one is sure what to expect, everyone from the large corporations worrying about the stability of their supplier to the common man worrying about the safety of his money in the bank.

The next year no doubt will be filled with caution and fear. Only time will tell what will come of this.