The Winnipeg Tribune

September 22, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 15

Killed While Ticketing Speeder

(Staff - Sept. 19/01) Two RCMP officers found themselves in a high-speed car chase during the early morning hours of Tuesday. The car is reported to have been a black corvette, and had been reported as stolen.

Radio reports say that they chased them for close to 50 kilometers, before finally forcing them off the road. The last radio report that was received had the officers moving in to arrest them.

After not receiving any other reports another cruiser was sent out to investigate. They found both officers dead from gunshot wounds to the head. The car itself was burning and lighting up the night sky.

The corvette was found in the yard of a nearby house later that morning. The home’s residents’ own car had been stolen.

Police and RCMP warn everyone to be on the lookout for a 4-door blue Mazda. These people are considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.

Local Refinery Attacked

(Staff - Sept. 21/01) The Shell oil storage and refinery located just outside of Transcona was attacked last night, with no loss of life.

The attackers took out the guards using fast-acting tranquilizer guns and tasers. Once the vandals were inside the compound, all the smaller administration buildings were looted and destroyed. While the largest one suffered no external damage, a great deal of information and records stored inside was destroyed, including all the video surveillance of the buildings and compound.

Winnipeg police have a number of leads already, and are actively following up any new ones they receive. A warrant has been issued for Paul Onk. Police wish to bring him in for questioning in regards to this attack.

No explosives were used in this attack, and no damage was done to any of the storage tanks or the equipment that keeps them in check. Also this attack is not believed to be in any way associated with the tragic events that took place in the United States, early last week.

Arena Given Go-Ahead

(Staff - Sept. 21/01) Manitoba’s highest court dished out a devastating bodycheck to the Save the Eaton's Building Coalition yesterday in a decision that enables proponents of a new arena to "move full speed ahead" with plans to demolish the downtown landmark.

In a unanimous ruling, the Court of Appeal dismissed the coalition's bid, which could have thrown a serious wrench into plans for the new $125-million complex.

The citizens' group was seeking to overturn city hall's decision not to designate the Eaton's building as a protected historical site, claiming the city didn't follow proper protocol and acted in bad faith.


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