The Winnipeg Tribune

July 28, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 14

Dragging the River

(Staff - July 18/01) Winnipeg Police, working with the Harbour Patrol, have begun dragging the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

They have received a tip that the remains of missing person can be found in that area. At this point they are unwilling to give more details. However, they are not overly optimistic that the body will be found.

Harbor Master Dan Zudrlik has said that the currents at that point in the river are among the strongest in the city, so if a body was dumped in to the river there, it could almost be anywhere now.

Insurance Fraud

(Staff - July 20/01) In a joint statement released by police and fire officials, the fire on Corydon roughly a month ago, has been ruled as arson. A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for Michael Fuenzi, the president of Scala Inc. He is now wanted on the charges of Arson and Murder.

Financial records prove that they had recently purchased a large amount of insurance for the restaurant to cover this type of event.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of this person is asked to contact the Winnipeg police crime stoppers line at 1-800-###-####. Do not approach him, as he is believed to be armed and extremely dangerous.


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Hellís Angels in Town

(Staff - July 17/01) Members of various Hellís Angels chapters from Western Canada arrived in town yesterday afternoon.

Jack Arnes, an onlooker says that he counted over one hundred bikes pulling into the city, along with a couple of trucks that were part of the convoy.

The police will be keeping a careful watch on the Angels, and other gangs, while they are in town. During the past month there have been over ten gang-related deaths or shootings, four of which have involved members of the Hellís Angels.

Terrorist Attacks Rock San Francisco

(Wire - July 21/01) The city of San Francisco was reduced to utter chaos late Friday night when a series of explosions ripped through various buildings throughout the city. The first explosion came in Justin Herman Plaza, destroying the entirety of the area as well as causing serious damage to the Embarcadero Center. Moments later, a second explosion tore through the Bank of America Building, destroying three floors of the office building. Later explosions targeted police substations throughout the city.

Casualties have been remarkably light, but thus far 12 deaths have been reported along with hundreds of injuries. Firefighters and paramedics worked around the clock to contain the damage from spreading further.

A police spokesman stated that all of these blasts had a common element. Each location was apparently in possession of art by acclaimed San Francisco artist Jamie Westlake. "Mr. Westlake's sculptures at the Embarcadero center, and the piece under development at the Bank of America building were both well-publicized pieces," police spokesperson Jeff Sinclair said at an emergency press conference. "Mr. Westlake also had a contract with the city to provide artwork at several of the city's police stations."

Mr. Sinclair went on to report that three more bombs were found and disarmed prior to detonation. Two are in the hands of the FBI, while a third was disarmed by Ridgeview Security, a private contractor called in to assist. A spokesperson for Ridgeview Security could not be reached for comment by press time.

The FBI has no suspects at this time, despite telephone calls from several fringe groups claiming responsibility for the act. The leading theory at this time is that the acts were a targeted attack on the work of Westlake. Jamie Westlake, who has been known to have had ties to radical left-wing anti-capitalist groups, had recently come under fire from those groups for the sudden popularity of his work with big business. An FBI spokesperson says that these groups are the primary suspects at this time.

House Burns Down

(Staff - July 16/01) A house in West Broadway area was the site of a vicious blaze, early last night.

By the time firefighters had arrived a crowd of onlookers had already gathered, and the house was fully engulfed in flame.

"It was a hopeless fight - every time we thought we had it under control the fire would rage up in another spot," said firefighter John Vanderhonsen.

Firefighters battled against the blaze for upwards of 8 hours. The houses on either side will need repairs, having suffered major smoke and water damage.

Police and Fire Department investigators have already made a number of shocking finds as they comb the wreckage of the house. The remains of a young woman were found in what is believed to have been the living room. Also, jerrycans of gasoline had been cut open and left around the house.

The police have no doubt this fire was caused by arson, and they are hoping it is not just the beginning of another arson spree.

City Wide Sweep

(Staff - July 25/01) Police began a massive citywide sweep of members of a new street gang called the Knights, early last week.

It all began with several small busts around the city ranging from trafficking to possession of illegal weapons. The information gained from these smaller busts lead them to climactic raid, on the gangís clubhouse.

Police arrived at the building in force, and ready for an assault. However the knights were ready for an assault as well. They opened fire on the police as they approached the house.

"It was like something out of a bad action flick. Bullets were flying every where," said officer Thompson, who survived the firefight.

"The fight would have been over quick and clean but when the officers with the tear gas guns stepped up to let fly both of the weapons jammed. This will be investigated," he promised.

The police were forced to fight their way into the building and cleared it room by room. The SWAT team was on hand to help.

However the smoky drug filled air was causing a number of problems for the officers. Not only with visibility, but all so with the senses in general.

By the time the fight was over 10 officers were dead on the scene, and another 15 were wounded. Seventeen members of the Knights were dead, with three wounded, all seriously.