The Winnipeg Tribune

July 14, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 13

Hunt for Sinclair continues

(Staff - July 10/01) The manhunt for escaped killer Donovan Sinclair continues, with police widening their area of investigation.

"We received a tip that he was seen in the Brandon area, so we believe he may be heading for the coast," Said RCMP spokesman Wendy Douglas.

Sinclair was convicted of killing 3 people with an explosive device. He escaped from Stony Mountain Penitentiary 25 days ago.

Car Explodes

(Staff - July 9/01) While driving down Grant Ave, in his newly purchased sports car. Jack Henderson was forced off the road, by what eyewitnesses have described as a drunk driver.

When he swerved to miss the car coming up behind him, he lost control of the car, and went spinning in to the Shell gas pumps sending gas spilling everywhere.

Police believe that at the time of the accident Henderson was having a cigarette that was flung from the car and ignited the gas. It took Fire Department crews 5 hours to get the blaze out and under control. Two staff members died in the blaze along with 3 other people whose identity has yet to be released.

Drive by Shootings

(Staff - July 10/01) In a continuation of the city's on going gang problem 4 members of Winnipeg's newest street gang, The Knights were gunned down late last night as the walked down Princess st.

Witnesses saw a blue four-door car; pull up along side three figures in black opened fire and then it sped away.

The car was found four blocks away abandoned, and covered in spray paint. Anyone who might have seen the car or people spray painting it are asked to call the Winnipeg Police.

Art City Announces Pottery Studio Opening

(Staff - July 11/01) Art City is pleased to be opening their new pottery studios. This afternoon, all area residents and any who want to attend will be welcomed as the first items are fired in the new kiln.

The kiln, the true heart and soul of the new pottery studies. Was made possible by a grant from the Jessica Stephan Foundation.

Canada day Violence

(Staff - July 2/01) While many people where out enjoying the various Canada Day events, some had other plans.

A lone man climbed the stairs to the legislative building and set it on fire, before running away. No statement was left behind no political reason has been given for his actions. Security officers at the scene saw the man but where unable to catch him. Winnipeg Police are currently looking for him.

Later in Osborne Village a couple of good Samaritans subdued a man who was walking past the Toad in the Hole bar and grill. He was reaching in to his bag and was pulling out a pulling out a Molotov cocktail.

At the Forks three cars blew up. It has not been announced at this point if forks security cameras saw the cars blowing up.

Urban Renewal Program

(Staff - July 13/01) The City of Winnipeg released a public statement early this morning. They will be beginning a new program of urban renewal.

Starting next week they will begin the process of tearing down old condemned buildings and unused buildings owned by the government.

This new program has received a fair amount of backing from the corporate sector. The unused land created by this program will be turned in to community developments, parks and other spaces for use by the general public.

Wax Museum Opens Doors

(Michael Finds - July 3/01) Well Winnipeg's newest attempt at becoming a major centre for the arts opened yesterday. I think it will be a smashing success, it is just the sort of thing that this area needs, and that everyone will here will get a great deal of enjoyment out of.

Filling a converted warehouse in the exchange distract is a large very well Air conditioned building. As one tours this "Museum" you are greeted by life sized wax replicas of your favorite pop culture icon. Some of the figures are fairly well done. While others leave a little to be desired.

This is one attraction that I am sure all of the common Winnipeg residents will enjoy. It is a great place to escape the summer heat.

Hope fades for missing children

(Brandon) Brandon police are beginning to lose hope that the six missing infants will ever be seen alive again.

"It's a tragedy, but the longer this goes without a solid lead, the better chance of the perpetrator getting away with it is," said Brandon Police spokesman Robert Sand. "The odds aren't that good at this point."

Restaurant Explodes

(Staff - July 2/01) As people around the city prepared for the events of Canada day, more evidence of Winnipeg's growing gang violence problem showed its face.

Three of Winnipeg's finest restaurants were destroyed on Saturday night, in what police forensics specialist Patty Gauzweiller called "an orgy of unforgivably irresponsible use of explosives".

Winnipeg police spokesman Ryan Dettweiller's current estimates of casualties from the La Scala Restaurant explosion at five, three of those being staff.


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