The Winnipeg Tribune

June 30, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 12

3 Hell's Angel's Gunned Down

(Staff - June 19/01) Shots rang out through a quiet urban neighbourhood last night.

Three members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club were leaving a clubhouse. As a gray, rust covered van pulled up in front of the club, its side door open and opened fire. The weapon used appears to have been a shotgun. Three blasts from the weapon put down all of them.

The van was found three blocks away, burning. Police fear that this incident will lead to an increase in gang violence, and could erupt into a gang war.

The gunmen are believed to have been members of the Los Bravos, who are against the joining of the two clubs, and are attempting to keep their colours alive.

Anyone who may have witnessed the attack is asked to contact the police at 780-TIPS. The Hell's Angels Motorcycle club is also offering a reward for this information.

Glass House Shattered

(Wire/Washington - June 29/01) At approximately 1:00 am Friday morning, a usually quiet NW DC neighborhood was rocked by a shock wave and the sound of shattering glass. Startled neighbors and authorities all arrived on the scene to find that a local curiosity in glittering ruins.

The house, known throughout the neighborhood as "The Glass House" has long been lauded as a whimsical and beautiful area curiosity. It is named for its distinctive stained glass window set, and glass-and-steel interior. In addition to the shattered external windows, the real damage, according to sources on the scene, was to the internal structure of the house, built more for aesthetics than strength.

The damage to the property was quite extensive, piles of glass were so thick that officers had difficulty in examining the site, but a serious structural flaw overlooked in recent renovation seems to be at fault for the disaster. The weakness, according to a source from the builders, was in one of the central pillars supporting the interior structure that was to have been corrected early next week.

Gay Clubs Attacked

(Staff - June 27/01) What started out a couple of days ago may be turning in to a huge problem. It started out a couple of nights ago, when someone using a pellet gun fired three shots through the large windows of Club 200, a local gay bar.

Yesterday things grew much worse. Two men got the surprise of their lives as they left Geo's, another of the city's gay bars located on Sherbrook Rd, as a Molotov cocktail slammed into the wall, splashing them with flaming liquid. Both men are currently in intensive care and will need to under go reconstructive surgery.

Another cocktail was thrown at Club 200 setting the brush around the building alight; thankfully no one was hurt in this incident.

Canada Day Celebrations

(Staff - June 30/01) The city prepares for its largest Canada Celebration ever.

The Osborne Village area will be closed to traffic, starting today. Tomorrow, events begin at 6:30 am with the Great Raft Race starting at the Osborne Street Bridge and finishing at The Forks.

Other events and activities are planned for all over the city.


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