The Winnipeg Tribune

June 16, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 11

Store Firebombed

(Staff - June 3/01) At roughly 12:30 am this morning, a late night occult shop on Pembina was the site of a firebombing. Police quick to arrive on the scene, and found a man outside of the store with a gun in each hand and bibles scattered on the ground around him. He was quickly taken across the street, and in to custody.

2 Molotov cocktails caused the fire. They were thrown in through the main window, and the fire quickly spread. Thankfully the staff was cleaning at the time and had several buckets of water on hand and where able to put out the fire before it spread. Of course the water itself did damage a fair number of the books.

Police later discovered that the man in custody was in fact the shop owner, and he was released with out his firearms.

Remains Found in Bin Fire

(Staff - June 7/01) Fire fighters were shocked to find the remains of two men, inside a burning dumpster early this morning.

The dumpster located at the corner of four different apartment blocks has long been a problem. At the end of the month, various furniture, mattresses, forgotten clothing and other personal items scatter the ground around it. This for a very tempting target for local vandals.

Fire Department spokesmen had the following to say in a recent press conference. "When fire fighters arrived on the scene the bin and surrounding trees were already burning out of control. The wind had also blown several items out of the bin and on to the items leaning up against it. Our first concern was the safety of the buildings around the fire, the bin fire was contained and would burn itself out if given enough time."

The bodies appear to have been the victim of multiple stab wounds, and are currently being identified, at the Heath Science Centre.

Insider Trading at Phoenix Corp International?

(Staff - June 9/01) Allegations have come forward this past week of insider trading committed by Phoenix Corp International. The company is claiming these allegations to be false, but an investigation is already under way.

Phoenix Corp of Canada has already been claimed of these allegations.


Julian's Condition Improves

(Staff - June 4/01) Doctors at the Health Sciences Centre were pleased to announce yesterday singer Julian Mitchell condition is improving. Nurses on the ward have noticed various signs of this.

Julian's Awake

(Staff - June 8/01) The Rock and Roll Community of Winnipeg and the world will be heartened to learn that famed Rock Star, Julian Mitchell has recovered from his coma, and doctors are confident that he will be released within the month. Mitchell was gunned down at the conclusion of a concert by a deranged fan. This attack has raised concern among many artists regarding security at performance venues. Mitchell will remain under stringent security while in hospital. At the request of Police and Mitchell's manager, no visitors are allowed. In lieu of flowers and cards, Mitchell has requested that donations be made to the Arts for Children program; an enrichment program funded in memory of Lady Jessica Stepphan, a long time friend of the performer.

Brutal Robbery

(Staff - June 14/01) Three men dressed in black with hoods burst in to the TD bank on Academy. There intentions were announced with a burst of automatic fire in to the security cameras, and in to a security guard who was reaching to press the alarm button.

The thieves moved with quiet precision. A clerk in the bank said that they never said a single word the whole time they were in the bank.

They made off with an undisclosed amount of money. Police believe that the same group that was behind the robberies committed a few months ago, is responsible.


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House Party, B & E

(Staff - June 4/01) The Samson family returned to a shocking site from a weekend at West Hawk Lake, with friends. Their home had been the site of one of the areas largest house parties in history.

The insides of the house on Spence were a total write off, all the furniture, artwork and anything else that was not nailed was either taken or damaged beyond repair. Police found various drugs and alcohol, including an unopened case of Rye that is believed to have come from the Liquor commission robbery last week.

Inside sources say that the police found something else inside the house, but no one has yet to admit to this or even what it is that they found.

Tanker carrying cow blood overturns, traps motorist

(Wire - June 15/01) An 18-wheeler carrying 5,000 gallons of cow blood lost a tire on Interstate 10 and overturned, landing on a small station wagon, the Arizona Department of Public Safety reported.

An unidentified woman driving the station wagon was trapped beneath the tanker for an hour until a crane could be brought to lift the semi-tractor-trailer rig. She was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center and was expected to recover, though details as to her injuries and condition weren't available early today.

The thousands of gallons of animal blood flowed out of a ruptured tank and into the desert. The blood is used in making blood meal, an ingredient of fertilizer.

Kidnapped Victim Found

(Staff - June 13/01) A motorist driving in from Brandon, pulled to the side of the road after something caught his eyes in the tree line.

As she approached the tree line she spotted a severed hand that appears to have been gnawed off by scavengers. Not far from the hand was the rest of the body.

The remains were transported to the Health Science Centre in Winnipeg, where they have been identified as the belonging to Rebecca Foster. Who was kidnapped several months ago, while on her way home from work in Saskatoon.

The remains will be shipped back to the family sometime later this week.