The Winnipeg Tribune

June 2, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 10

Julian in Coma

(Staff - May 20/01) As many of you know rumours having been flying around town all weekend, regarding the state of rock star Julian Mitchell health. Up till now we have had to go on unnamed sources at the Health Sciences Centre who say he is still alive.

In an official statement released by the Health Science's Centre it has been confirmed that Julian Mitchell is in fact alive. He is currently in a coma, and is monitored around the clock.

Julian's fans have turned the courtyard area in to a tent city, as they sit an around the clock vigil for him both there and at the clubs he owns downtown.

Mr. Mitchell's boyfriend, who was first seen at the concert, has declined repeated offers for interviews and has not left the club. People who have gotten in to the club say he sits and sleeps night and day in front of a table filled with candles.

Liquor Store Drive Thru

(Staff - May 20/01) At roughly 3 am Saturday morning, Winnipeg got it's first drive-in liquor store.

A van crashed in to the building through the doorway. Three hooded figures jumped out of the van and began filling it with boxes of various types of alcohol. They were in and out in less then 5 minutes.

The total damage and loss to the store is estimated at being roughly $100,000 thousand dollars.

Tagging the U of W

(Staff - May 29/01) The U of W campus and construction area was the site of a massive tagging and vandalism campaign. The campus itself had a number of video cameras smashed, along with several windows.

The construction area had a tool locker stolen, and minor damage to some of the equipment that has been brought to the site.

Both locations had a number of the "K" tags painted around the area.


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Tuxedo Home Robbed

(Staff - May 31/01) While Bramwell Tobe was away preparing to move to his new home. His house did not stand empty.

It is believed that the thieves gain entrance through a second floor skylight. The security system was quickly disarmed. It appears that they took their time going through the place taking only the most valuable of items.

Stolen from the home were a number of irreplaceable items from past concerts; including backdrops, hand written concert notations, notations and recording of Prof. Truffaut's classes on music theory, A program book from Truffauts Funeral, Musical Notations from several different concerts that Bramwell Tobe has been apart of, and a copy of sheet music from "Purgatorio" that includes hand written small changes and a person note: "For my Friend Tobe"

While the items themselves would not be of value to the average person they would be of great value to a real collector of such things.

Police are asking that anyone who might have seen this take place, or hear of people trying to fence any of the items listed above to contact them right away. Crimestoppers is offering is standard reward, and Mr. Tobe is also offering a reward for information leading to the return of belongings.

Hockey Riot

(Staff - May 26/01) Over a 1000 people gathered at the corner of Portage and Hargrave yesterday afternoon to protest the plans for the new arena. They feel that turning in to a sport venue will hurt the area, and cause problems for the people who live in the area.

Apart from a disruption in rush hour traffic the protest was peacefully enough. However that all changed when word of the protest spread around town, and a number of hockey fans headed downtown. By the time they arrived most of the protestors were already leaving. This did not stop the Hockey fans from assaulting a number of the protestors and breaking a number of windows in the Eaton's Place building.

Police arrested 10 of the hockey fans and 5 of the Arena Protestors.

Photo of the crowd

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Rain, Rain Go Away

(Staff - June 2/01) With the continuing rain over the past few days, several homes in some of the lower regions of Winnipeg are flooding. At this point it is to early to tell just how much damage the rainwater will do to the basements. However we do know how much damage it is doing to the cities weakened Sewer system.

Following a meeting yesterday between City Planners and City Council members. It was announced that a proposal would be going before council next week, suggesting that the sewers be reinforced. The costs involved in ripping out and replacing the entire sewer system are way above what the city can afford.

It is expected that this proposal will pass quickly.