The Winnipeg Tribune

May 18, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 9

Street Collapsed

(Staff - May 8/01) As rush hour traffic fled the downtown yesterday afternoon. Some were given the surprise of their lives. When the intersection at Donald and River caved in.

Two cars fell 15 feet to the bottom of the sinkhole. Public safety officials quickly rushed to the scene and rescued the trapped people.

An ambulance attendant on the scene had the following to say, "Those people in the car were very lucky. Because of the closeness to the midtown bridge there were no gas lines running under the road. If there had been well, we would not have been rescuing them that is for sure."

City planners have announced that they expect the road and bridge to remain closed for at least two weeks. While the investigate in to the cause of this sinkhole is underway.

Once the investigation is complete they have promised that the road and bridge will be reopened, within a week.

Youth Gang Violence

(Staff - May 11/01) In a statement released by the Winnipeg Police Youth gang division, it was announced that the city's problem with youth gangs is on the rise.

Spokes person for the Youth gang division Susan Class made the following statement. "Since the warmer weather has started youth gang activity has rose 25%. We fully expect that number to continue to climb and reach an increase of 50% what we saw over the winter."

"Already the letter K has started showing up in various areas of the city. This new gang tag is bravely being spray painted across old tags. It is their way of showing that they plan to fight to take control of the area. Violent crimes and assaults in the areas that have been marked with K tags, have already gone up. We have increased Police patrols in those areas."

She closed with these remarks "It is the intent of the Winnipeg Police force, to try and stop this before it becomes a problem rather then dealing with the problem once it has been created."

Anyone with information about the cities various youth gangs is asked to call 1-800-###-####. You do not have leave any personal information.

Benefit Concert's Shocking End

(Staff - May 18/01) Last nights benefit performance both shocked & wowed fans. It featured Julian Mitchell (well known techno musician), local Harpist Gareth, and Bramwell Tobe working with Michael Hall the WSO new conductor.

The blending of modern techno music, with time proven styles and skills of the WSO could not have been better. Musically the fans of both the WSO and Julian Mitchell received a treat they will not soon forget.

Also it was announced that the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra would be presenting three free noon-hour concerts downtown later this month, all conducted by the new resident conductor Michael Hall

"The shot was so loud"

Sadly the events of the evening ended in shocking and stunning fashion.

During Julian final song of the night, two shots echoed through the concert hall, just barely loud enough to be heard over the music. Julian fell to the stage the silence in the hall was deafening.

Stunned fans looked on in horror as Security descended upon the women with the gun, and has an unidentified twenty something Male rushed out from the wings of the stage, and held Julian in his arms while medical help rushed in after him.

" I did it for you"

As the security personal surrounded the women, who was dressed in the concert T-Shirt, and carried a number of other Julian Mitchell merchandise. She kept shouting "I did it for you Julian, just like you wanted me to" over and over again.

Julian was rushed to the Health Sciences Hospital where his condition remains unknown to the general public.

In a phone call early this morning with the man who ran from the wings, we have been told that it is Mr. Mitchell boyfriend. A candle light vigil will be taking place all weekend long at his club, the Garden of Thorns.

Julian would be assassin has been arrested and is currently under going Physiological evaluation.

Downtown Arena

(Staff - May 14/01) City officials together with their federal and Provincial counter parts announced a joint venture yesterday. All three levels of government will be working with a number of well-known local businessmen.

The plan calls for the demolition of the old Eaton's building downtown, a new modern arena to be pt up in its place. It's expected to be completed in the fall of 2003.

Public opinion on this plan varies a great deal. While many sing its praises from the highest building, other complain that it will take away money from building the new University of Winnipeg and others say that to tear down the Eaton's building is to destroy a piece of Winnipeg history.

In the end however, the sports fans have won. A new is going to be going up, and up quickly. So start looking forward to watching your favorite sporting events and concerts in the heart of the city.

Dancing in the Dark

(Michael Finds - May 18/01) It is an ethereal performance filled with black light and smoke machines. Perhaps one of the best works of performance art I have seen in a long time.

Portraying Marguerite, a Parisian courtesan in Act 1 pas de deux from Val Caniparoli's Lady of Camellias, Evelyn Hart appears to float above the stage, she slow rose up in to the air, moments after the photo was taken the stage filled with white glowing smoke, giving the wonderful illusion that she was in flight amidst the clouds. The Winnipeg premiere runs through May 20 at the Centennial Concert Hall.

Photo of a woman dressed in white floating upside down against a black backdrop


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