The Winnipeg Tribune

April 21, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 7

Solar Flares

(AP/Washington - Apr. 13/01) Residents of northern states could be treated to the aurora borealis this weekend from another solar flare's eruption from the sun.

The latest flare burst forth on Thursday, continuing two weeks of activity on the sun, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday.

"The sun rotates about 15 degrees each day, so this area should be going away in a few days, " said NOAA's Joseph Kunches. But the region that was really active two weeks ago will be coming around again. "We're waiting for the arrival of that one. "

The scientists note that the sun is experiencing "solar max", a period of strong activity that happens about every 11 years and lasts for about three or four years.

Powerful electromagnetic pulses also can affect satellites and communications and can even disrupt electrical service over long distances.

Power Outages

(Staff - Apr. 15/01) " Is the city's power supply in danger? " Was the question put to Winnipeg Hydro officials during an early morning press conference. They answered with a resounding no.

The electrical brown out's that the city has been experiences have been a result of the Solar Flares. We have crews out working around the clock to better insulate the wiring, in order to prevent this from being a continuing problem.

Chapter 11

(AP/Reuters/San Francisco - Apr. 20/01), creator of a recent national media blitz using famed Renaissance painter Sergio Ferrelli as its icon, has lost its post advertising round of funding and gone under. The company had organized several publicity stunts over the past few months, even going so far as to hire a personality to dress up like the long-dead painter and attend local art showings, the theater, and to write letters to newspapers and magazines. The ads, which depicted various individuals in high-Renaissance garb, and was advertising a new perfume, gained national attention for its artistic qualities and composition. Apparently, the company even went so far as to purchase a recent find of the painter's priceless works wholesale. A cache of some of his best paintings was recently discovered outside of Naples, and purchased them all, distributing them to various interested buyers over the past six months.

Drugs found in Exam room

(Staff - Apr. 9/01) During a post-exam swipe of one of the University of Manitoba exams rooms, staff found 10 grams of Marajuria hidden in and around various desks. At this time officials what it was doing in the exam room or how it got there.

One student who refused to be identified admitted to also finding Marjauria in the room, and said that he has heard that a couple of others also found some as well. They all just kept it.

Emoke Szathmary Dean of the University of Manitoba is expected to announce a random drug test for those students in the exam room, later today.

Students Outraged

(Staff - Apr. 10/01) As expected Dean Emoke Szathmary did announce random drug testing of the students who were in that exam room. 1 out of every 4 students will be tested.

The testing is slated to begin early next week, with students receiving notification later this week.

The students are outraged, and a protest is being organized for Friday at noon in the parking lot of the University Centre building.

Art City Expanding

(Staff - Apr. 11/01) What started out as a small grass roots organization has just gotten a huge shot in the arm. $100,000 in grant money was just donated in order to increase the hours of operation and to set up a second Art City in the north end of Winnipeg.

The announcement was made at the Art City location on Broadway, in front of a crowd of reports and cheering children who go to Art City. This grant will be ongoing each year the program will receive money, to help fund the program and promote the arts.


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Easter Violence

(Staff - Apr. 15/01) As churchgoers arrived for the Easter sermons they were greeted with an unpleasant surprise.

Westminster United Church had two large rocks thrown through the large round stained glass window.

While the Church at the corner of Hargrave and St. Mary's, was the site of two small fires. One of these fires destroyed the shed, while the other was set with gasoline against the main doors leading in to the church. Had this fire not been caught in time it could have lead to the whole church burning down.

Crossways Church at the corner of Furby and Broadway had a number of it large skylights shot out.

A church at the corner of Greendell and St. Mary's was burned to the ground, over night.

Despite all these hardships, at each of the churches Easter Services were still held. One churchgoer went so far as to say that these acts of vandalism and destruction had in fact brought them closer together.

Police officials have not yet released any statements on these events, but an inside source informed us that all these acts took place with in 15 minutes of each other.

Company For Dinner

(Michael Finds - Apr. 8/01) While enjoying a ok meal and a wonderful view at Winnipeg's revolving restaurant, I started to notice a commotion starting up in the kitchen. It didn't start off as anything big, just less waiters on the floor.

I was able to get in close enough to have a look in the small window. What I saw made me do a double take, at least 30 rats were running about the kitchen being chased by members of the staff.

The staff began to usher people out of the restaurant saying that they were having a problem in the kitchen and that the meals where on the house.

So in closing you might want to avoid eating at the Fort Garry Restaurant until they have had a health inspection. For more information you can call 1-800-###-####. Until then I suggest Barragans at the Art Gallery, get some food and culture at the same time.