The Winnipeg Tribune

March 24, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 5

2 Gun Point Robberies

(Staff - Mar. 16/01) Last night crime carried an automatic weapon, and was not afraid to use it.

As Brinks security personal refilled a bank machine at the corner of Sherbrook and Broadway a man armed with Uzi entered the Shell Food bar. A quick burst of fire and the employees and security personal hit the ground.

The armed man grabbed the locked bag of cash, and left the building. A blue four door dodge was outside wait for his get way.

Two hours later at a drive up automated teller. Brinks drivers were about to refill the machine, when the blue Dodge pulled in front of them.

A burst of fire cut both security guards in two. After gathering up the money in the truck, a Molotov cocktail was thrown in and they drove off.

Fire Department officials have reported being called in to put out a burning car, four blocks from the second crime. Police and fire department investigators have confirmed that this was the car used in both crimes.

Security cameras and ballistics from both locations have confirmed that the same people performed these two attacks.

Police ask that anyone who witnessed these crimes please contact them at ###-####.

Inflatable Bear Stolen

(Staff - Mar. 21/01) For the past two months motorists have greeted by a large inflatable bear at the corner of Kenaston and Macgilvery.

Late last night thieves stole the bear, police believe that they cut a hole in it to release the air and then loaded it up in a pick up truck.

At this time police have no leads but they do believe that the same group of people who have stolen three other large inflatable figures during the past two years did it.

Home Break In

(Staff - Mar. 13/01) During the early evening while a tuxedo family was out attending a performance of the WSO, there home was broken in to.

The house itself was heavily secured, and yet the thieves appear to have by passed the alarms with little to no troubles. Taken from the home was a large flat screen TV and stereo system, and top of the line electronic keyboard and various music notes, including a rare copy of sheet music "Cascades" written by the late Truffaut.

After an extensive search of the surrounding area the police have found most of the music sheet music and other notes, with the exception of "Cascades".

Anyone who my have witnessed this is asked to contact the Winnipeg bacon Department.

Academic Community Thriving Despite Hard Times

(A. Phillips - Mar. 18/01) Winnipeg's Academic Community has had its share of setbacks in past months. The recent announcement of tuition hikes of five percent for the next academic year seem to many to be just one more nail in the coffin of higher education in Winnipeg after the destruction of the university of Winnipeg almost four months ago. Although enrolment at both universities in the Winnipeg area is at its highest numbers ever, lack of teaching space, funding, support staff, and facilities are all taking their toll.

Despite all this Winnipeg's Academic community is thriving. Generous donations from both private and public sources have managed to keep the University of Winnipeg's classes on schedule in rented and donated space for classes. Volunteers teach classes, cook meals, sweep floors, and keep records.

"I can't believe the generosity this community has shown us" John Kzinski, Director of Student Services at the University of Winnipeg, says. "It's overwhelming- the amount of time and money that has been offered to us is enormous. " Kzinski warns, however, that even the generosity shown so far has not solved all the university's problems. Long-term prospects for employment and planning are on hold until the university gets some more permanent spaces Plans are beginning to rebuild the university, but this project will strain the university's already depleted coffers.

"Until the provincial and federal government commits to funding for the rebuilding, all other concerns and commitments are on hold" affirms Kzinski.

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