The Winnipeg Tribune

February 24, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 3

Apartment Explosion

(Staff - Feb. 11/01) Just outside of trendy Osborne Village, residents were awakened by cries of a gas main leak. People rushed from their homes in the surrounding area, and out to relative safety.

An older 40-unit apartment was blown sky high. Chunks of brick and mortar struck surrounding homes and buildings. Damage from the explosion is estimated at just over two million dollars.

Police, Fire, and Centra Gas officials will be going over the site of the explosion, during the coming days.

Minke Stornel, spokesman for Centra Gas, spoke with the press late last night "The building itself was fairly old, and it is believed that a former tenant cracked one of the pipes while moving out. The gas had been building up in this apartment for the past ten days, and seeping in to the surrounding apartments. Any number of things could have caused the gas to ignite." He closed by saying that a joint report would be issued once the investigation was complete.

Thankfully there was no loss of human life in the explosion.

Poor Ambulance Care

(Staff - Feb. 15/01) During a recent test of some of the city’s ambulance attendants in crisis situations, an alarming number of them failed.

Each of the teams was faced with a different situation which required them to act quickly and come up with something new and different in order to save the life of the actor victim. Six of the city’s teams failed to do what was needed. Unconfirmed reports state that they just did not act fast enough and had problems coming up with the solutions needed.

What will happen to these teams is currently under review. An announcement is expected by the end of the month.

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Teenage Remains Found

(Staff - Feb.20/01) City workers began checking the water and sewage tunnels in the southern end of the city early this week after two of larger water mains burst open over of the weekend, crippling traffic in those areas with flooded and frozen roads.

Once the main area was cleared several teams were sent out to prevent this from happening elsewhere. One of these teams discovered the remains of five teenage males.

"It was disgusting, and the smell was unbelievable. It looked like they had been down there for a while and had become a food source for the rats. We could hear the rats running away from the bodies as we approached, and this feeling of being watched the whole time we were down there," A city worker reported.

Police and health officials were quick to remove the remains, and they have been sent to a near-by hospital. The five bodies are currently unidentified.

Anyone with information that might lead to the identity of these remains is asked to contact 1-800-555-TIPS

Train vs. Car

(Staff - Feb. 24/01) During early morning hours three men were driving back from a party. As they drove across one of the unguarded train crossings in St. James, a fast moving train that was passing through Winnipeg hit their car.

The car itself burned up like a fireball, giving the train the look of a low flying comet. The train and car finally came to rest roughly a mile further down the tracks.

The fire department had to put out a number of grass fires caused by the explosion.

The train’s driver Ollie Shom is currently in the hospital with minor scrapes and burns. In a statement released by the police spokesmen, he has been quoted as guessing the speed of the car at upwards of 150 kilometers per hour.



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Entertainment: Julian Closes out Festival

(Michael Finds - Feb. 18/01) I have spent much of the past week at the Festival Du Voyageur. I am not normally one for culture based events such as this. The Festival was not really an exception.

The highlight of the whole event was closing night when famed singer Julian Mitchell, who happened to be in the audience, was convinced to give a performance by his fans. A not-bad local band called the Dust Rhinos interrupted their set to allow him to sing.

Word must have spread around the event like wild fire as the main stage tent was packed and people were still standing outside, trying to listen.

In the end he received a standing ovation from the crowd, and was escorted out. The crowd continued to cheer for him for some time in hopes of a second song but none was to be had.

Opera Singer Missing

(Michael Finds - Feb. 24/01) Well-known opera singer Sorcha McLeod missed her performance last night. I am not sure what opera the understudy was learning, but it was not the one I want to see that is for sure. Her singing was off key, and she missed more cues than a blind pool player.

To that end I beg of the police and the citizens of Winnipeg to find Sorcha. One can only hope that her talents go beyond that of her understudy. Remember, time is running out, as the opera ends March 10. To encourage everyone to find this singer I am now offering 2 front row tickets to the opera to anyone who offers information that leads to Ms. McLeod’s return.


Social Notices

The Kathler family is happy to announce the return home of Kelly Kathler, a missionary who has been working in central America for the Last 6 months. He and the family will be getting together for a late Valentines Day party on Friday at the Garden City community centre. The family is also happy to announce that Kelly will be giving an artifact he collected in Central America to a Local Museum. Thanks one and all for your help welcoming Kelly home.