The Winnipeg Tribune

February 10, 2001 - Vol 4, Issue 2

Protestors Get Out of Hand

(Staff - Jan. 28/01) A rally protesting role-playing-games was held at City Hall, where four protestors chained themselves to the doors leading in to the council chambers.

Everything started off simply enough. Cavalry Temple organized the protest to draw attention to companies the produce these games such as; Wizards of the Coast & Black Dog Games. A speaker at the rally called for an all-out ban on what she called evil games. It was at this point that the four people chained themselves to the council chamber doors and security officers at city hall were forced to call in the police.

People gathered around the chamber doors, trying to block the police. This action was successful at first. Within 15 minutes of the call being made the police returned with riot gear and mace, a message over the loudspeaker made it very clear that they would use force to remove people from the building. Right away people began leaving the building and the police were able to approach and arrest those who were chained to the door.

The protest was brought about by the brutal murders of parents. A group of teenagers who had long been known as gamers are suspected in this crime. Police warn that these teens are still at large.

Western Alienation

(Alan Landis - Feb. 3/01) The recent attempt to form an Alberta version of the Parti Quebecois has been met by criticism and comment, but it has not encountered much of the derision that one might expect. The rise of the Canadian Alliance demonstrated that the sense of indignation that has gripped the West is still potent. Even with the relative failure of the Alliance to make progress in Ontario, and the retirement of Lucien Bouchard heralding (to some) the end of the Quebec sovereignty movement, regionalism still has a dramatic role to play on Canada's political visage.

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Last of Remains Found

(Staff - Jan. 31/01) Clean up crews working to clear away the last of the University of Winnipeg rubble pulled out what is believed to be the last of the remains that will be found.

"We are already down below ground level. So it was pure chance that we found this guy." City worker Chris Wolwada said later that afternoon.

Parents who lost loved ones in the explosion have formed a support group. They hold bi-weekly meetings on Thursday in space donated by the Place Louis Riel Hotel. The next such meeting will be on February 8.

Spokesman for the RCMP office who are heading up this investigation have announced finding the components for a number of different explosive devices, but have refused to reveal any more information at this time.

Saskatoon Street Crime Rising

(Wire - Feb. 3/01) Street crime in Saskatoon is escalating, says Saskatoon police detective Earl Slackmozer. "The level of violence in the city is on the rise," Slackmozer admits, but "organised crime seems to have little or nothing to do with it." Six people have been killed since the beginning of the year: two of gunshot wounds; two in a car bomb in late January that destroyed several storefronts in the downtown area; one from complications due to several severe stab wounds; and one man from severe beating injuries on New Yearís Day.

"The level of violence associated with petty crime is out of proportion with the current rash of homocides," Slackmozer offers, and added that, although increased violence in association with petty crime is usually indicative of a rise in organized crime, it "simply doesnít seem to be the case here." Saskatoon is known to be home to at least two major gangs with small but active memberships, and while membership there does seem to be a rise in gang membership in recent months, the types of crimes associated with gang violence simply arenít prevalent in Saskatoon. The Saskatoon RCMP office is working in collaboration with the Saskatchewan provincial government to produce a study, which authorities hope will pinpoint the exact cause of the rise in violent crime.


U of W Students Fundraiser

(Staff - Feb. 4/01) University students and faculty continue to work hard on their upcoming Formal Dance. They have also announced that the evening will begin with dinner, with the food being donated by Peak of the Market. A number of local chefs have also donated time to do the cooking. All the money raised will go towards the rebuilding and improvement of the University of Winnipeg.

The date has been announced and the event will be held on the first weekend in March. Tickets can be picked up at the Bank of Montreal and the Student Union at the Duckworth centre, located on the U of W campus.

At this time they are looking for donations of all kinds for this event. Anyone wishing to make donations other Money, Services, a location, or items for the auction is asked to call 555-UofW.

The Dirty Convention Centre

(Michael Finds - Feb. 9/01) The little burg of Winnipeg continues to astound me. Not only do the locals gather in their bars to swill down cheap beer, but also now we are filling the local convention centre with dirt and clay that was trucked in from over 40 kilometers away.

Our fair convention centre will be the site of a Rodeo sporting event (I shudder as I call it that). 50 bull-riders and all the staff that goes with them are invading Winnipeg.

This is a first for Winnipeg; never before have we hosted an in-door rodeo. One can only hope that we never do again, sadly, however, I would not be surprised to see this become some sort of annual event. Please let this be one of the rare times that I am wrong.


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