The Winnipeg Tribune

January 27, 2001 - Vol 4, Issue 1

Explosions & Violence Rock St. Boniface

(Staff - Jan. 14/01) - Late Saturday night two explosions rocked a normally quiet St. Boniface suburban neighbourhood. Two recently rented homes across a back-lane from each other exploded simultaneously.

At this point police a have released no statement about what happened. However an unnamed source says that a special investigation team was at the site, and that they did find a number of shell casings around the scene.

Neighbors had little to say about the people who rented the homes, other then that they had moved in around December 10. The owner of the home has refused to comment, and we have as yet been unable to find the people renting for comment.

Any witnesses are asked to call the police or Crime Stoppers.

Linden Woods Home Robbed

(Staff - Jan. 26/01) - Late Thursday night while the Chalmers family was out at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, their home was broken in to. Taken from the home was a small amount of jewelry and a Digital Camera, and two signed books, written by the great Truffaut. These two first run copies of "Family Business" and "American Gothic: Love and Death at the End of Time" hold not only a great deal of sentimental value to Edith Chalmers but also have a large cash value as well.

An unnamed Police officer has been heard to say that these thieves knew what they were doing.

Trojan Household security officials have also released a statement that reads as follows "The alarms systems showed no sign of unauthorized entry into the home. However further study of the equipment will be needed before we can say weather or not the equipment was tampered with or not."

A spokesmen for the "Save Ligadier Truffaut Memorabilia" group had this to say earlier this morning. "The Chalmers family has suffered a great loss; when we first visited them months ago we suggested a number of improvements to their home security system. Sadly the family turned down our suggestions. So our hands were tied. We will however keep a watch out for these items."

Police ask that anyone who might have witnessed this crime contact them.

First double Homicide of the Year

(Staff - Jan. 14/01) - The Copy Catter has struck again, this time in an apartment located on Good Street. It seems he has no regard for the age or social standing of his victims. A single father and his young daughter were both killed late last night. The family mourns their loss, and a funeral will be held as soon as the bodies are released.

Police have refused to release any comments or details of the crime but ask that anyone who heard or saw anything out of the ordinary call them right away.

Phoebe Marx Suicides

(Wire - Jan. 21/01) - Internationally known Shakespearian actress Phoebe Marx killed herself Saturday, in a tragic example of life imitating art. Best known for her two-decade long reign as the definitive Lady MacBeth, Marx was found by a close friend with her wrists slit in her downtown Chicago condominium on Saturday night. Reports indicate that Marx had died of blood loss sometime in the middle of that same evening.

Marx retired from the stage in early spring, closing a yearlong run of Shakespeare's "MacBeth." Her following comeback appearance in "The Rape of Ganymede" last fall at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago was lauded as the high point of her acting career. Marx had produced and co-directed the opera, illustrating her skills in several theatrical areas.

Originally from London, Marx spent five years of her career as a member of the London Royal Shakespeare Company before moving to Los Angeles in 1993. She performed in a variety of modern plays and rock operas before relocating again to Chicago in 1998. In addition to her long-running success as the infamous Lady MacBeth, Marx also created and donated to several artistic charities throughout the Midwest.

Marx was cremated early this morning at a small private ceremony for friends and family. Several memorials have already been planned throughout Chicago in her honor. Donations in Marx's memory are encouraged to be sent to the Black Rose Organization or Chicago's Suicide Prevention Help line.


Pay-Per-View Wins Out

(Micheal Finds - Jan. 22/01) - Winnipeg’s high cultural standard showed its ugly head last night yet again. While WSO played perhaps one of their best concerts, and only charged half the normal rate, the concert hall sat half empty.

Where was everyone you might ask?

Well that is easy to answer. The mono-brow low IQ citizens of Winnipeg packed a number of bars around town, in order to swill down cheap beer, and watch their heroes bash each other around the wrestling ring in the latest of a string of events called a Pay-Per-View.

My hat goes off to those of you with the sense to join me last night at the concert hall. I can only hope that you got as much out of the WSO performance as I did.

U of W Students Fundraiser

(Staff - Jan. 24/01) - University students and faculty have announced plans to host a Formal Dance. All the money raised will go towards the rebuilding and improvement of the University of Winnipeg. Currently the event planed for sometime in late February or early March.

At this time they are looking for donations of all kinds for this event. Anyone wishing to make donations other Money, Services, a location, or items for the auction is asked to call 555-UofW.


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