The Winnipeg Tribune

November 18, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 19

Botched Bliss Bust

(Staff - Nov. 8/00) The Winnipeg police department launched a full-scale assault on what was a suspected Bliss dealership. The raid itself went off like clockwork.

Problems faced by the police occurred long before the raid and were the fault of bad intelligence. What was thought to be a Bliss house turned out to be the home of a local bank manager and unfortunately a gun collector.

Wade Thompson, manger of Phoenix Corp. Credit Union, was sitting in his living room preparing for a trip to the Firing Line as police burst in on him. Officers, seeing Thompsonís firearms, assumed the worst, and shot Mr. Thompson A search of the house revealed no Bliss or any other illicit narcotics were found.

Mr. Thompson was rushed to the HSC, but was pronounced dead on arrival. So far three officers have been placed on suspension until this matter can be investigated further.

Future Leaders in Winnipeg

(Staff - Nov. 17/00) During the past week four of the candidates for Prime Minister traveled through our fair city in hopes of gaining more votes in the prairies. Press, supporters, and protestors greeted all of them.

Stockwell Day was met outside the Convention Centre before a large debate by 500 plus protestors all chanting "DORIS, DORIS, DORIS" in reference to an episode of "This Hour has 22 Minutes"

A live debate will be televised on 24 Hours Saturday night, starting around 8pm. Viewers are welcome to phone in with questions. The debate will also be broadcast via internet.


The reconstruction of the new Phoenix Corp build is now underway. Phoenix Corp is currently seeking tenants interested in leasing space within the building.

Manson Style Killings

(Staff - Nov. 18/00) Early this morning police were called to a Charleswood home, where neighbours noticed a car had been left unattended and running in their neighborís drive-way for over an hour. Early reports are still unclear at this time, but in a press release given out at the scene police confirmed that the copy-cat killer has struck again.

Little is known about the crime scene currently. It has been announced that a family of four were the victims. The wound responsible for the deaths were not the surgical style that have taken place in the past, but were what is believed to have been slashes from a knife.

There are a number of unconfirmed reports from reporters who arrived on the scene early and neighbours that slogans of some sort were written on the wall in blood. Police have not yet confirmed these reports.

Anyone who has information on this string of serial killings is asked to contact the Winnipeg police. Police are also warning people to keep their doors and windows locked. Donít let anyone you do not know into your home, and if you are expecting a workman for anything call the company and get a description and the personís name before you let anyone into your home.




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SWM - Hello ladies I go by the name Sid and am looking for a partner in Crime. It could be you.

Culture In Winnipeg

The Tribune is pleased to welcome new Culture Critic Michael Finds

(Michael Finds - Nov. 10/00) I arrived in this little burg about two weeks ago, on October 27. As I traveled to my hotel downtown I watched as over-weight workmen put up some of the tackiest Christmas decorations I have seen in years. I pale at the thought of their eventual activation.

During the past two weeks I have visited a number of different small art galleries and an even larger number of clubs. Most of them were very sad indeed. For those of you who are used to the happy reviews of Jean, my French predecessor, I have little doubt that I already have your enmity. In time however, you may come to see what I mean and how things could be so much better.

I have decided to make it my goal during my term with the Tribune to do my best to bring cultural enlightenment to this fair city. I am not, it is worth noting, implying that I found nothing of any value in Winnipeg. This city has four things going for it. First, the Winnipeg Art Gallery. They have a modest number of displays by very talented artists. It is well worth a stop.

Next is a nightclub called "The Garden of Thorns" that is owned by the well-known musician Julian Mitchell from England. A wonderful place for dancing and having fun, and who knows with a bit of luck you might just get to see the star himself.

A small cultural treasure had lived in our city for quite some time that I will wager many of my readers did not even know about. Jessica Stephan, a world famous photographic artist and poet, had a studio set up in downtown Winnipeg. Her recent passing was truly a blow to Winnipegís artistic community.

The last gem thing I have found in Winnipeg is a group of cultural fans that have set up a group to preserve anything to do with the late L. Truffaut. My sources are telling me this group is doing some great work.