The Winnipeg Tribune

November 4, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 18

Family Reunited

(Staff - Oct. 31/00) Malcolm Donovan had a shock when he answered the phone this morning. His father, Brian Robinson, who had been missing in action in Korea and presumed dead, was on the other end. His stepfather, Michael Donovan, who had adopted Malcolm when he was 10 years old after marrying Malcolm’s mother, Carmen, had brought up Malcolm. Carmen waited for 8 years for Brian’s return before remarrying.

Malcolm’s father was imprisoned in a POW camp and was unable to get word to the Canadian government that he was still alive. Presuming that Brian was dead, Carmen remarried. Brian and his son where reunited not long after the phone call.

Strange Weather Pattern

(Staff - Nov. 1/00) The harsh weather that has plagued Winnipeg and the surrounding area for the past few weeks ended abruptly last night. Around 12:00 AM, the rain slowly dissipated. Meteorologists are still baffled as to the cause of this strange weather front. Due to this phenomenon, a meteorologists’ conference has been scheduled to take place in Winnipeg over the next few days.

Meteorologists from all over the world will be attending and reviewing the data that has been collected during the last few weeks.

Killer Strikes Again

The following story contains graphic details

(Staff - Nov. 2/00) Police were called to a well appointed home in Lindenwoods to investigate a gruesome murder. A workman arrived from Videon in order to set up a new Internet connection early Thursday morning when he made a horrid discovery.

Through the back window, he was able to see everything and quickly called the police. The workman could not take his eyes off the gruesome scene it was as if he had been hypnotized by it.

When police arrived, they quickly got the man out of the area and to a local hospital. When they entered the house, the police found a man tied to a chair. Hands removed, his back had been surgically cut open and the major organs removed. The dinner table was a scene out of a Rockwell Christmas painting.

All of the man’s finest china was laid out on the table with linen napkins and silver ware. Half-eaten organs, carved like so much turkey dinner, were spread across the table on serving platters.

Police have no doubts that this disgusting murder is linked to one discovered two weeks ago. Anyone who may have evidence connected to what happened is asked to contact the police right away.


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