The Winnipeg Tribune

October 21, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 16

Post Election Massacre

(Staff - Oct. 5/00) Al Golden, still deeply upset after his loss in the by-election, was hosting a private dinner party at his home last night. Many of his high-profile supporters were in attendance. The dinner ended in disaster according to his eldest son, Trevor Golden, one of the two survivors. Al Golden got up from the dinner table around nine o’clock and went upstairs. Upon returning he open fired on his guests with two colt 45’s.

"I had just gotten up to go to the kitchen and was half way through the doors when I heard the first shots. I ran out the back door and called the cops on my cell phone," reported Trevor.

When police arrived at the scene it was all over. All of the guests were rushed to hospital. Golden’s campaign manager is in a coma and has been placed in intensive care. The remaining guests were pronounced dead on arrival at Victoria General Hospital.

Those close to Al Golden have reported that he began acting strangely in early September, in a manner indicating he was very upset about something, but refused to confide in friends or family. Halfway through the month, with the by-election drawing near, things began to look up for him. Some speculate that his re-election defeat might have pushed him over the edge.

Strange Weather Pattern

(Staff - Oct. 14/00) Yesterday morning a highly dense cloud pattern shifted direction. It has since moved in over Winnipeg and the surrounding area. This new weather pattern has been accompanied by high winds clocked at between 30 - 40 KPH and gusting up to 70 KPH, continuous rain, and a large amount of thunder and lightning.

At this time meteorologists are unsure how long this will last. It does not, however, appear to be letting up. In fact the area affected by the storm seems to be expanding. They have been reported as far away as Lake Winnipeg, and Lake Manitoba.

Gruesome Killer Copy Cats History

(Staff - Oct. 19/00) Early this morning staff at the Occidental Motel and Bar on Main St discovered the remains of a local prostitute in one of their unused rooms.

Police have yet to release a full statement on this case. They have confirmed that a body was found and an investigation will be getting underway shortly.

An anonymous source close to the hotel has reported that the remains found in the room were cut open and the organs removed.

A source reported "It was like a surgeon had been at work or something the air even had that hospital smell to it. The grossest part about the whole thing is her intestines had been pinned to the wall and spelled out the words Death to Pigs."

A Winnipeg Police spokesman refused to comment on this anonymous report yesterday during a press briefing. He said only "At this time I cannot confirm or deny these rumours, and we will be releasing a full report after the weekend once we have completed going over the crime scene."

Full Moon And Friday the 13th

(Staff) - Last night was a truly rare astrological occurrence. On that special day that many already view as bad luck, a full moon was added.

911 operators reported five times the normal call volume. "We received calls about everything last night, but the strangest had to be from a janitor at a school in south St. Vital who reported hearing gunfire and seeing upwards of 50 people fighting outside in the schoolyard. When police arrived nothing, the janitor claimed that he never even called." A number of staff and students at the school, however, have reported hearing things and voices in the hallways and classrooms when no one was around.

This is just one example of the strange calls that were received over the course of the night. They also logged the following numbers:

  • 135 - Fires
  • 50 - Muggings
  • 200 - Vandalism
  • 33 - Break & Enters
  • 74 - Auto Theft

In addition to the above police also received a number of calls that have been declared prank calls after police investigation. Sources close to the police say that this may well have been just a warm up for the up-coming Devil’s Night.

Explosion Rocks Forks

(Staff - Oct. 13/00) The lighthouse-style beacon that has warned boats since the Forks opened is no more. A city landmark is no more. Worse than this tragedy is that of the six deaths that took place with it.

To date police have found what they believe to be the remains of six different people. They pray that they find no more. It is expected to take at least two weeks to identify the remains and police ask that if anyone having any missing family members who may have been at the forks around 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning to please contact them immediately

Police are sure that this is connected to a theft that took place earlier in the night when a security guard at the Stone Wall Quarry just outside of town was brutally knocked unconscious. When he awakened and call the RCMP it was discovered that a box of dynamite, blasting caps and timers was stolen from the site. Fingerprints taken from the site matched those of a member of Inner-Tec Security’s personnel, who is believed to be responsible.

Found in the Inner-Tec Security guard’s car was the following ominous message

"I am sick of management always telling me what to do, and these headaches that I have been having are just getting worse and worse and the voices. I just can't keep it hidden, I have to do something, the voices are telling me to do something, I will not let them win, I will show them. I WILL SHOW YOU ALL!!!!!"


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