The Winnipeg Tribune

August 28, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 15

Blood Service Employees Strike

Canadian Blood Service workers voted to reject the contract put out by the Hospital Association, on August 13. Hospitals around the city have already announced that blood is going to be rationed.

A call has gone out for any extra blood other provinces may have, to be sent over to Winnipeg. However even with that blood products will be in short supply, for some time to come.

Former Phoenix Corp Building to be restored

The exterior and main floor of the building will be restored to their original appearance. However, the floors above the first will be designed according to any new client's wishes. Prime downtown office space to rent, designed to your exact needs!

Michelin Man Gone

Some people break into gas stations for their cigarettes. Some rob them of their cash, and still others steal 15 foot tall inflatable Michelin Men.

Early Tuesday morning the huge promotional item went missing from an Esso station far in the south end of the city.

"Why anybody would go through the trouble, just to steal it is beyond me," chuckled station manager Ron Wilcox. "Itís actually pretty funny."

Wilcox said that the station had insurance and the area landmark would soon be seen again.

The Michelin Company was unavailable for direct comment but a spokesperson said that "We treat each and every case of theft very seriously." An investigation is underway.

A grainy photo taken by a passerby shows a black clad figure on the side of the station, other than that, police have no leads.

Power outage hits thousands

(Staff - August 26/00) Colin Holder had a good excuse for being late for work yesterday morning. The 29-year-old executive chef was stuck in the elevator of his apartment building for nearly 15 minutes after a fire knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses in south Winnipeg.

"It was kind of nice, actually, because I didn't have to get to work," chuckled Holder, who used the phone inside the elevator to call 911.

In the meantime, a crew caulking windows on the outside of another apartment building on Plaza Drive near Pembina Highway were also stuck in their lift as they waited for power to be restored.

Manitoba Hydro spokeswoman Anita Mitchell said the outage, which occurred just before noon, was started by a fire on a power line near Beliveau and Marlene roads. The fire also sparked grass fires along the Seine River, which were quickly extinguished.

Mitchell said Manitoba Hydro has not identified the cause of the fire, but that it is under investigation.

About 6,700 customers in the St. Vital area were without power for about two hours in an area bounded by the Red and Seine rivers and Bishop Grandin Boulevard, going southward to south St. Vital.