The Winnipeg Tribune

June 24, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 13

Day Care Worker Arrested

(Staff - June 15/00) - A worker at the Cherry Blossom Daycare Centre was arrested due to suspicion of child abuse. The centre is located in the Oriental Gardens district of downtown.

Police went to the centre to arrest the man, whose identity is not being revealed, causing a stir in the pedestrian traffic nearby.

"I have no comment at this time, save to say that the centre employs all legally required background checks and hiring practices as set by the province," claimed Marion Price, the centre’s director.

The board of directors of the Gardens themselves, who own the day care, issued a short statement through their legal representative Aikins McCauley Thorvaldson.

"The directors of the Gardens, of course, thoroughly support any effort or investigation that the police feel necessary to conduct. They are sure that the accused will be exonerated and this will all be found to be a misunderstanding. The Cherry Blossom Daycare supports and upholds all governmental regulations and requirements as to hiring practices. In fact, many of our background checks not only meet, but exceed government qualifications. The Cherry Blossom Day Care is a perfectly safe and compliant facility and we are all confident that time will prove this correct. Further statements will be forthcoming."

The representative did not make himself available for questions after the statement was read.

The business consortium that owns the Gardens bought the property a little over a year ago and the day care was built six months ago.

While they have remained quiet on the local scene for the most part, rumours circulate that hint at pull within political offices as well as the business world.

The accused was denied bail and remains in custody awaiting the setting of a preliminary court date.

Homeless Youth Beaten

(Staff - June 4/00) - Just off of Main Street, an as yet unidentified homeless youth was severally beaten. When police arrived at the scene they found a prostitute in ripped-up clothing, kicking the body.

She was quickly restrained, and both were rushed of to hospital. The youth is currently in intensive care, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Both parties have been questioned about the events that night and charges have been laid against both, one for attempted rape and the other assault and battery.

Arson suspected in downtown fire

(Staff - June 15/00) - Phoenix Corp. headquarters were the scene of yet another suspected arson last night. The outside walls were targeted and the wall of fire reached upwards of a full story according to some witnesses.

"It was huge, really scary," offered Tracey Weiss, a cab driver waiting for a fare down the street from the multinational corporation’s headquarters.

"It was obviously purpose set," said Calvin Harvey, a spokesman for the Fire Department. "There was a ring of gasoline poured around the building, enough that the resulting flame had a huge intensity."

"The fact that the person responsible wasn’t seen at all has us curious," he continued. Investigations are ongoing.

Death of Famed Artist

(Staff - May 30/00) - A well-known artist who often called Winnipeg her home is presumed dead. Jessica Stephan was returning from a showing of her latest works in Paris, when her plane went down in the ocean.

Rescue crews have already arrived on scene, only to find that the debris was spread out over a square kilometer. Most of the plane and its passengers have already sunk to one of the deepest sections of the Atlantic Ocean.

The city mourns the loss of Jessica Stephan. Her studio on Portage Avenue was the home base of many young up and coming artists. At this point it is still unclear as to just what will happen to the studio. The local manager of the studio has not been available for comment.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is trying to arrange a showing of her latest works and those she had left uncompleted. More details will follow on this event.

Jessica Stephan was a long time supporter of the Winnipeg Tribune and a number of its charity organizations. Many will sorely miss her.

Grow Operation Raided

(Staff - June 9/00) - Winnipeg police officers raided a Marijuana grow operation, as the sun came up on a Langside address. Officers busted in to the house from all sides and had the street blocked off.

Sources close to the police say that while they were only able to arrest 2 people at the scene, the operation was very successful. They did confiscate close to $500,000 in marijuana at street value.

A police news release later that day explained that they had caught them in the middle of moving the operation. It would appear that at least two or three truck-loads of equipment have already been moved. Police waited at the scene in hopes of catching the remaining criminals however they never arrived. The two suspects arrested at the scene have yet to give any information to the police about the location they were moving to.

Police officials believe that a new grow operation will be starting some where in the area and have announced that they will be stepping up operations in the area in hopes of finding it.

Caught in the Act

(Staff - June 10/00) - Winnipeg police received an anonymous tip yesterday that someone was dumping bodies in to the river. When police arrived at the scene they found two men off pulling a body out of their truck.

Both men bolted as soon as the police were spotted. One ran through the woods along the river. He was caught not far from the scene of the crime. The other dove in to the river and swam for the other side. The police were unable to pick him up in the park on the other side.

Police have announced that the remains found in the car belong to an unnamed girl and her older brother both of their names are being with held until the family can be contacted.

A reward is being offered for information leading to this person arrest. Please contact your local police station if you have any leads that might put this person behind bars.

Government & IFA Technologies Announce Cross Canada Venture

(Staff - June 15/00) - During the past few months several levels of government have been in closed-door meetings with IFA Technologies, a large American medical supply and pharmaceutical company. It was announced yesterday that IFA Technologies would be opening a number of different offices and plants across Canada.

IFA Technologies is a large multi-national company with holdings around the world. They have close to 15,000 employees worldwide and plan to hire another 3,000 people for the Canadian offices.

Steven Tailor spokesmen for the Canadian expansion said in an interview "It really was NAFTA that opened the doors for us to come north across the border. It is our intention to have the plants up and running before the end of the year."

A Human Resources of Canada spokesman said "This will be a real boon for employment. Not only will they be hiring Canadian staff for the plants but Canadians will also be building the plants and office space."

The first offices will be opening in Winnipeg; Manitoba with construction to begin shortly on the Winnipeg site. The construction on the remaining sites in Vancouver and Toronto will begin some time next month.

A spokesmen for the Mayor’s office have both been quoted as saying that they are pleased to hear that Winnipeg has been chosen for the first site and that they look forward to working closely with IFA in the coming months.

Vancouver and Toronto officials are both looking forward to the sites opening in their areas.

Sewer Work to Begin

(Staff - June 1/00) - Lobbying to have the sewers renovated in the Chinatown area began just two weeks ago. A brief public outcry led many to believe that it would not happen. But as quickly as the outcry began it disappeared.

The City of Winnipeg announced its intention to renovate the sewer system in and around Chinatown. The construction should begin over the summer and be finished by the end of the following summer, as the work has been planned to take place in two parts It is felt that this will minimize the disruption to traffic flow.

This is being viewed by many residents as a boon to the area, and it is also hoped this will further clear up the rodent problem in the area. It has also been suggested that this will make the sewers safer.

Price of Truffaut Memorabilia

(Staff - June 10/00) - A local group has set out to help save items and memorabilia of the late great Truffaut.

They have had their website linked to that of E-bay where a few items of Truffaut memorabilia have been up for sale. The first to appear was a hardcover copy of I, Lucifer in mint condition, signed the day Ligadier was assassinated. The book was listed as shipping paid, hermetically sealed in display case. Quickly shooting up in value, the final bid on it was 5 million dollars, the highest bid ever in E-bay history.

Just before that bid finished more Truffaut items were posted. This time they were promotional posters for his operas The Rape of Ganymede and Morningstar. Opening bids for these two posters was $5,000.

"These items are sure to cause a bidding frenzy like the copy of I, Lucifer," said a spokesmen for the Save Truffaut’s Works group. "We as a group want to see his work preserved and saved for many generations to come. Especially with Mr. Truffaut’s death coming at such a chaotic time in his life, with many different groups denouncing him."

"We felt that we had to offer our services to help save these wonderful works of art and literature. We are a volunteer group of people from all professions who will come out to your home and appraise any Truffaut items you may own and make suggests of what you can do to better ensure their security. If you don’t have the means to protect them we also offer storage for these items in a small museum we hope to open locally. "

"We don’t charge for services, all we ask is for a donation of what you feel our time and services have been worth to you. So if you’re interested in our services please give us a call at (204) ###-####."


(Kassandra Demitrie)

Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov.21): A little extra charm, and little extra enthusiasm will cause many doors to open for you today in your social world today.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): An afternoon spent catching up on your business correspondence will free you for the evening so you will have the necessary time to plan your week ahead.

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Taurus (Apr. 21-May 20): This would be a great chance to take your car in for a tune up and overall inspection while you are at work; be sure to check the breaks.

Gemini (May 21-June 21): Go with your own ideas and plans, those you can control to the extent of cutting your losses if you make mistake.

Cancer (June 22-July 22): You stand a chance for financial gains today if you stand pat on your holdings until the price goes up.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Romance will play a big part in your weekend plans; you may even become more serious in your relationship or start a new one.

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