The Winnipeg Tribune

June 3, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 12

Vandalized Theater Explodes

(Staff) - The Park’s Theater found vandalized two weeks ago, exploded on May 5. Passers-by reported seeing a couple of children ages ranging between 8-14 running from the back of the building shortly before it exploded.

Fire department Investigator Clark Hugo announced during a press conference the following week that "it appears at this time that someone had broken the gas line and this led to the explosion. "

The explosion was felt for a number of blocks in the surrounding area and heard as far away as Confusion Corner. "I could feel the ground shake under my feet. " said Hazel Zoey, a local Resident.

Police and fire department are asking for anyone who has seen the children leaving the sight to contact them.

Death of Famed Artist

(Staff) - A well-known artist who often called Winnipeg her home is presumed dead. Jessica Stephan was returning from a showing of her latest works in Paris, when her plane went down in the ocean.

Rescue crews have already arrived on the scene, only to find that the debris was spread out over a square kilometer. Most of the plane and its passengers have already sunk to one of the deepest sections of the Atlantic ocean.

The city mourns the loss of Jessica Stephan. Her studio on Portage Avenue was the home of many young up and coming artists.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is trying to arrange a showing of her latest works and those she had left uncompleted. More details will follow on this event.

Sewer Work to Begin

(Staff) - Lobbying to have the sewers renovated in the Chinatown area began just two weeks ago. A brief public outcry led many to believe that it would not happen. But as quickly as the outcry began it disappeared.


(Kassandra Demitrie)

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