The Winnipeg Tribune

May 19, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 11

Gassing Continues on Smaller Scale

(Staff) - Itís been two weeks since the City workers began the slow process of pumping the heavier then air gas down in to the sewers. A number of businesses in the downtown area have begun complaining that the gas was seeping up in to the stores and out of the manholes in the surrounding area.

Councilors met again last week to discuss this issue again. In a marathon session on Friday April 28th, a number of groups were given the chance to speak on this subject. Groups from both sides had very moving arguments.

Businesses came in and pointed out how this gassing was driving people out of downtown, the exact opposite of what the government has been trying to do for years. Homeowners and parent groups from the Point Douglas area begged for the gassing to continue for the safety of their property and their children. The last to speak were the sewer workers themselves.

The worker who had been supervising the gassing reported that it had been very successful to date. They had removed several hundred rats from the sewer. He also described how the process had changed and that they were no longer entering a section of the sewer until after gassing it, this was because one of the rats in death throws had attacked one of the workers who had entered the sewer. This one rat did considerable damage to his leg and he is still in the hospital.

After over 7 hours of discussion it was decided that the gassing would continue but only in the area of Point Douglas and around City Hall.

Thirty Tortured, Killed with Electricity

(Staff) - The mysterious remains of the thirty people that were found last week, have undergone medical examinations and it has been determined that all of the people were electrocuted. The times of death for each of them have been listed as taking place over the last year and half.

Police have questioned Winnipeg Hydro officials, in hopes of finding power spikes to match the time of death for the various people but so far have found nothing. They are baffled as to how these people could have been tortured in such a gruesome manner. It is now believed that someone used a portable electric generator. Police fear that this will not be the last of the bodies found.

People around the house have reported having seen flashes of light coming from the house. When they called police in to investigate they found nothing. The last such report was made three months ago.

Fake Police Officer walking the Street

(Staff) - EMS workers have had an encounter with an apparent gang member posing as a police officer.

After responding to the scene of Saturday nightís gun battle on Corydon, they were confronted by an individual calling himself "Officer Smythe" who assured the attendants that the witnesses at the scene would be taken into custody.

"We had no reason to not believe him," explained Jarrod Brownson one of the paramedics on the scene. "He certainly had the uniform down pat and we were expecting police anyway."

"Officer Smythe" is described as average height, heavy-set, and Caucasian.

"We knew something was up when we called in to confirm our reports," Brownson said. "No one had ever heard of him."

The public is reminded to ensure that anyone claiming to be a member of the police service should be carrying specific identification.

Manhunt for Gangers Begins

(Staff) - A massive citywide manhunt has begun for two suspected gang members who are wanted for questioning with regards to the shooting death of two people in the Corydon Avenue area.

They are also suspected to be involved in the brutal assault of two MTS security guards the same night.

The two are described as male, white and average height. "One was heavy-setÖkind of flabby really," described one of the injured guards. "The other one was wearing a very heavy coat and had some weird tattoos or face paint on. Kind of like a camouflage."

They are considered armed and dangerous by the authorities. "If you see these men, do not approach them. Call the police and let them deal with it," cautioned Police Spokesman Carl Shier.

MTS has set a reward for any information leading to the arrest of either of the two suspects.

"This is a reward for information, not for heroism. If you see these men, please do not confront them yourself. Do as the police ask and call them, the $2,000 is yours just for that," MTS spokesperson Janine Whitt stated.

Woman Crucified

(Staff) - A shocking and horrific murder took place late Friday night in St. Vital.

Marguerite Angelis, a cleaning woman at St. Lutheranís parish was attacked and killed. In a brazen move that police believe to be a taunt, the killer than hung Ms. Angelisí body in a mockery of the Christ pose on the large cross out front of the church.

Her body was discovered by a passing motorist Jason Hrdina. "She was real beat up, and she had some sort of message written on her in blood."

Police are refusing to reveal the exact nature of the message, if any. "At this time, we are unwilling to confirm or deny any questions regarding the supposed message," explained police spokesman Carl Shier.

Ms. Angelis was 58 years of age and had been a devout parishioner for many years. "She was a kind, quiet, dedicated soul," said Father Timmins, senior clergy at St. Lutheranís. "May she rest in peace."

Police are looking for any information that may lead to a suspect in this heinous crime.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Crimestoppers, anonymity is assured.

U of M Prof. Missing

(Staff) - University Professor Annastasia Ivonivich left for a short leave of absence just before the beginning of exam season.

Officials say that she left a contact number, but no one answers when it is called.

Her students described her as being of slight build, very delicate looking, about 5í7" in height with green eyes and waist length curly red hair.

Police are asking anyone who might have seen this person to please contact them. She was last seen at St. Andrews Airport on Friday Night.

Gang Related Crime on the Rise

(Staff) - Gang violence reared its ugly head again Saturday night. This time even the seemingly peaceful Little Italy strip along Corydon was victimized.

After a brief gun battle Ambulance teams responded to find what are believed to be two gang members dead at the scene. In what appears to be a brief but intense gun battle, two MTS security guards were injured.

It is unknown at this time why Ambulance services were unaccompanied by police. In fact it took several extra minutes for the first police cruiser to arrive, and that was only at the request of the EMS crew.

Names are not being released at this time and investigations are underway.

IP Vandalizes Theater

(Staff) - Local street punks calling themselves IP (Short for Indian Posse) broke in to the Kingís Theater on Osborne. The vandalism was extensive.

They spray painted the interior with various gang slogans; several seats were set on fire, while others were slashed up. Smoke damage from the fires could be seen at various locations throughout the building.

Anyone who may have witnessed them entering or leaving the building is asked to contact the police.

Oriental Society Donates to U of M

(Staff) - The Oriental Society that manages the Gardens downtown, has donated a large amount of money to the University of Manitoba, to help fund a new Oriental History department.

The exact amount of money has not been released, but University officials have announced that a new Oriental history course will be starting next semester.

New Group to Save Truffault Books

(Staff) - With the death of Ligadier Truffault and so many different groups denouncing his books, a small group has started here with the intention of saving as many of his works for posterity as they can. They are asking that people with copies of his work or mementos of his past shows to contact them so that they can ensure the long life of these items.

They are a non-profit group made up of long time fans of Truffaultís works. Anyone wishing more information is asked to contact them at (204) 555-4723. The Tribune has donated several articles concerning and reviews of Truffaultís work.

Legal Services

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Entertainment Column:
Frank Wycheck
1953 - 2000

(Staff) - "Alright people, letís be entertaining!" A lame joke, one that we heard a thousand times. Frank said that at the beginning of every day. Usually we would just smile wanly and continue on in our work; lately though, Iíve realized how much I miss that friendly greeting.

It doesnít seem all that much, but when you heard Frankís booming voice repeat the phrase it was like an internal alarm clock kicked in. "OK, now itís time to get to work."

I still get to work everyday. I still report and write and wish I were a novelist. Once, earlier this week, I used Frankís catchphrase to try and cheer up the gang. They all looked at me in shock. "Frank said that," was one colleagueís response.

Thatís when it hit me. Frank said that. No one else will, ever.

It was a lame joke, one I heard every day for the seven years that he was entertainment editor.

God I miss it.

Planetary Alignment

(Staff) - Itís another case of millennium Madness. Some people believe the world will end on Friday because of a rare celestial event - the lining up of planets across the solar system.

In a rare conjunction of the planets, the moon and five planets - Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn - will group together around the sun in what will seem like a straight line.

In 1962, the last time such an alignment occurred, the world survived unscathed, the Scientist suggested. Nevertheless, the celestial event has triggered widespread rumours of disastrous consequences: that due to uncontrollable gravitational pull, that British Columbia or California will fall into the Pacific Ocean.

One rumour even suggests the Earth will turn upside down, though Dyer wonders how anyone would know.

"Itís all just a wild prediction, part of the millennium madness that the world will be destroyed." He said.

He said "all those who desperately want the world to end" generate the lunacy

"But sorry. Mother Nature is better than that. The world will continue as it has for years and years."

Dyer said the grouping wonít be visible for most people on Earth. The moon and the planets will line up too close to the sunís glare.

"There will be nothing to see, nothing to fear," he said.

The next time the planets will cluster around the sun in the same fashion will be in September 2040.


(Kassandra Demitrie)

Aries (March 21- April 19): Now is the time to watch your back for people who paint a bullís eye on it.

Taurus (April 20- May 20): Be wary of this week for people that proclaim to be friends, they are not really true.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): This week is your lucky week. Take full advantage of it and enjoy.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Donít take your discontent to heart, it will end soon.

Leo (July 23-August 22): Take sometime to cool down. Donít let your temper get the best of you.

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Remember to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Libra (September 22-October 22): Be the one that brings peace to the warring factions in your life.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Life has its ups and downs. Remember if you are in a downtime, that it will only get better from there. If you are in a good time that things will continue to go well.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Work this week will be eventful - be careful that you donít take sides.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Beware of risky actions for your love life hangs in the balance.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Beware of people bearing gifts they are not always what they seem.

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Your love life will soon take off and soar. Beware of wolves in sheepís clothing.


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