The Winnipeg Tribune

April 29, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 9

Ligadier Killed

(AP - Apr. 21/00) - Famous author, playwright, and composer, Ligadier Truffaut, was shot in the back of the head while conducting the heavily protested opera, "Purgatorio". He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thousands of people were in attendance and thousands more were outside protesting, kept apart from each other by the Riot Management Squad of the Fairfax County police. After the shooting the police lines were overrun by the protestors rushing in and the attendees rushing out. In the ensuing mob, eight police officers were trampled to death. Melrose Castle was burned to the ground.

The National Guard was called in and arrived within three hours to clean up the mess. All tolled, 35 people died, including eight police officers and one member of the National Guard. Almost 500 people where injured; some had to be taken to hospitals. 438 people were arrested. The gunman was not apprehended.

This is a sad day for the world, a day of morning, a day of sadness. Eight policemen did not show up with their families to Easter Sunday Mass, one member of the National Guard did not return to her home, 26 others will never be seen again by their loved ones, and Ligadier Truffaut, whirlwind media icon, artist, playwright, friend to some, enemy and target of derision to many, will never pen another letter.

Rural Gang Violence

(Staff) Rural Manitoba was the scene of a drive-by shooting this past Saturday. RCMP received a 911-emergency call shortly after 7:30. A large amount of gunfire could be heard in the background. Once the gunfire was finished a few minutes passed before operators heard a man shouting, "man down" in a French accent.

When police arrived on the scene they found a man who had been shot, in the woods just off the road. The strange part about this aspect of the crime is that this man had been bandaged up. The wounded man was taken to the Health Sciences Centre before being transferred to a private hospital.

RCMP and police continue to look for the people responsible for the shooting. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact the RCMP tips line at 1-800-###-####.