The Winnipeg Tribune

April 22, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 8

30 Human Husks Found

(Staff) As arson squad inspectors entered a house at the corner of Hector Avenue and Stafford Street, which had been boarded up for years, the small of death overwhelmed them. Medical teams were quickly called in to enter the house. What they found in the house will likely cause a mystery for some time to come.

What they found were the remains of 30 people of both sexes, varied in age from preteen to early 50ís. The bodies were little more then husks, having been charred beyond recognition.

Police believe that the bodies were charred here in the house, since they were too fragile to move, but can find no signs of burns around the house, other then a few small burns marks around the wall. After the house was photographed, the remains were moved to Victoria Hospital.

Experts will begin examining the bodies this weekend. Police are hopeful this will clear up a number of the missing persons reports from over the past couple of years.

Truffault Books Banned

(Staff) Across North America, churches and school groups have been calling for the banning of the various works of Truffault. It all started in the southern states after a priest called a gathering of his parishioners for a book burning of all the writings of Truffault.

In Winnipeg all of his works have been banned at St. Maryís Academy and St. Paulís University.

A number of different local church groups have announced that they will be holding a book burning of the works of Truffault tonight at the St. Boniface Basilica starting at Midnight.

(Staff) Popular Exchange District watering hole the Kingís Head Pub exploded on Tuesday night. The intensity of the blast shook buildings as far away as Main Street.

Luckily a smaller explosion forewarned patrons and everyone was able to evacuate. One minor injury was reported.

The explosion is currently thought to have been caused by a gas leak from the stove in the basement which was in use at the time. The private party in the basement were able to evacuate as well.

Investigations are ongoing at this time.

Masked Criminal Strikes

(Staff) During the past two weeks a masked mad man has left the police something to find three different times. All around the downtown and on different nights, the police have found different people chained up.

The first was incident occurred in the Exchange District, where the police discovered two men, one hand cuffed to a police cruiser, and the other to a railing.

Later that night, a women was found with her throat slashed. A man was found lying on top of the woman with a knife in his back, and a second man was found nearby with his neck broken. The first man had his shirt ripped off, and a note was written in blood on his back: " The Hunter is here watch out."

The last time the masked man was seen was on Friday night when he smashed open the window of a Jewelry store.

All three times this man was seen he was seen dressed in black with touches of Red.

Gassed out Rodents

(Staff) City workers began the slow process of pumping heavier-than-air gas down into the sewers this past Monday morning. The first day was spent gassing the Exchange District and Chinatown. This is a very slow process since they are going in to the sewers and laying traps as well as gassing them out.

It is expected that they will have completed the work in the downtown sewers by the end of the week. Other areas will be worked on in the following weeks.


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Reporter Rampage

(Staff) Entertainment Editor Frank Wycheck went on a shooting spree within the offices of the Tribune Wednesday.

According to witnesses, Wycheck came into work at the usual time, but seemed "morose."

"He was usually very cheerful, " Deborah Gates explained. "He just sat staring into nothing and muttering."

Wycheck is said to have started creating a disturbance around noon. "He started screaming something about "Heís gone! Heís gone! Nothing matters anymore! The world is grey!!" and then when security tried to calm him down, he pulled a gun and started firing," reported Kevin Oakes, who was shot in the thigh.

Wycheck killed both the security guards before turning the gun on himself. The guardís names will be withheld until next of kin are notified. Wycheck was 46 years old and had been entertainment editor for 7 years.

Entertainment Column: Winnipegís Empty Frame

(J. C. Beauvier) - In my short time in Winnipeg, much shoe leather has been spent in the search of art. My quest for cultural stimuli has included scouting for galleries, museums, and theatres, to name but a few.

It would appear however, that there is little in the way of substantial cultural venues or patronage in this fair city. Of the two dedicated art galleries visited, there were some good showings, but it seems that such a small number of galleries is just not enough to support the growth of art in a metropolis of this size. What has led to the starvation of painting, photography and sculpture for the broader market?

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