The Winnipeg Tribune

March 11, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 6

Violence Rages In Portage La Prairie

(Staff - March 5/00) - Violence left the big city of Winnipeg this Saturday headed out to Portage La Prairie. The death toll after the one night added up to 6 people. Two were from the town proper while the reminded were found just outside of town.

Witnesses at the local bar, reported seeing a beautiful women talking with two guys. After a few minutes she left with one of them. Within an hour she had returned to the bar and then left again with the other man. The first unnamed mans home was the site of an arson later that night.

A block away from the home a stretched limo was seen. RCMP are currently looking for this limousine. It was last scene on the side of the highway picking up a Hitchhiker heading towards Winnipeg.

A few Kilometers outside of Portage, A local farmer saw a glow in the sky and called the fire department. When the arrived on the scene the farmhouse was engulfed in flames and the remains of a car could be seen inside of the house.

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Arson Problems

(Staff) - The cities arson problem has expanded if this past week is to be an indictor. Not only did problems in the city continue with five new fires this time in St. James. They moved out of town with two fires out in Portage La Prairie. A third fire also took place outside of town in a small private home less then half an hour outside of town. Fire Department investigators have declared that this most recent fire was started by gasoline spread through out the house.

Internet Art

(J.C.Beauvier) - Can the move towards cyber art galleries be sustained? This is the question I have been forced to ask myself over the past week or two as a flux of galleries and auction houses make a move to enter the world of E-commerce. A recent visit to Sotherby’s saw the chance to participate in a live auction, to peruse the entire inventory of their warehouses for each of their international locations, and to make an offer there and then over the Internet. To my mind this is a move forward, but only one concern remains that would prove to stop my actually purchasing a piece of artwork there and then - how could I savour the pleasure of the picture through a computer monitor?

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Paintball gunmen

(Staff) - Three businessmen were leaving their offices on Broadway as a brown four-door sedan drove up. The men dove to the ground in horror when they saw two guns pointing out the window at them. Paint pellets flew all around them splattering the walls, windows and them, then the car speed off. Thankfully no one was hurt in this attack.

I walked in to my neighborhood mall yesterday afternoon, within five minutes I had found 2 stores that sold paint ball equipment. I was able to outfit myself with the gun and a 100 shots for less then $100 dollars. They never once asked me to prove my age or asked for any ID. My 15 year old son came went in an hour later and came out with the same thing and was never once asked for anything either.

A number of people are calling for a more through check on these types of weapons, before the soft air crazy that has swept across Vancouver moves east towards the prairies.


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