The Winnipeg Tribune

February 26, 2000 - Volume 3, Issue 5

Priests Killed Outside of Church

(Staff) - Two priests were attacked early in the morning as they locked up their church before heading for home. Unseen assailants attacked the priests as they got to their car.

One of the priests was able to sound an alarm with the carís horn, until some of the neighbours came running. Others called the police.

"When I arrived on the scene," one of the neighbours said, " I saw blood on those [thugs] and on the car, so I did the only thing I could. I had my gun that I grabbed on the way out of the house, and shot at them in hopes of driving them off and saving the priests."

The witness was certain heíd hit the attackers. "But he hopped into the car and just tore out of the parking lot. I pegged a couple of parting shots at them hoping to hit a tire, or something, so the police could get them, but no luck."

Police continue to search for any clues leading to the arrest of these vicious criminals. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Winnipeg Police Services. They also ask strongly that citizens not take vigilante action, and to call the police and let them handle such dangerous situations.

The church and its members are in shock from these events. In a public statement, they have denounced this tragedy as a crime against God and Church. A memorial service will be held on February 26th and all are welcome to attend. The families have asked that everyone pray for justice in this event.

Gas Main Explosion

(Staff) - A gas main exploded Sunday, in Sturgeon Creek Park during the early morning hours. Service to the area was shut down for the better part of the day while emergency crews laid new piping.

Officials are unclear on what caused the explosion, but are grateful that no one was hurt. One worker was quoted as saying, "What with the amount of dirt and trees sent flying, its just pure luck that no one got hurt."

Police have located a number of people who heard the explosion, but to date, no other witnesses have stepped forward.

The Parks and Recreation Departmentís plans to turn the site into a new community centre for the neighborhood will continue. Construction is set to begin in late April.


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Gunfight at Kildonan Place

(Staff) - Shots rang out in Transcona during the early morning hours. The rear parking lot of Kildonan Place was the site of a mass battle, if the shell casings found at the site are any indication.

Police received a number of calls about the sounds of gunfire coming from the mall. When they arrived on the scene, no one was around. The police found a large number of shell casings littering the area. Bullet holes riddled the walls and many windows were peppered with holes.

The investigation continues.

Runway Caves In

(Staff) - A large section of runway #8 collapsed Thursday afternoon as Air Canada flight 378, bound for New York City, was preparing for take off. The flight was quickly aborted and all the passengers were returned to the terminal safely. There were no injuries reported in the incident.

Officials from the airport have released a statement saying that all the other runways have been checked and are structurally sound.

Unofficial sources have confirmed that the other runways are safe and have also made it known that runway #8 was the oldest runway and had a number of steam tunnels running underneath it.

The cause of the cave-in is under investigation.

City Plans to Bulldoze

(Staff) - While the fires continue to rage all over the city, officials have gotten the go ahead to begin bulldozing likely targets. The plan calls for over a 1000 boarded up buildings to be torn down during the coming weeks.

City planning officials have made a list of houses that have been untenanted for more than two years, as these are the most likely to be torched. Buildings that are considered to be the most danger to the general public will be bulldozed. Once those are gone, the city will research the possibility of removing the remainder of the houses on the list.



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Entertainment Column: The Beauty Queen of Leenane

(J.C. Beauvier) Occasionally, a play forces one to think on some of the sad intricacies of life. A daughter in need of healing after 20 years of caring for a partly senile mother is the pretext for this carefully crafted play.

Joyce Campion is solid in her role as the mother, alongside Rosemary Dunsmore, who plays her daughter Maureen.

The mother and daughter paint a vivid picture of how caring, over time, can become filled with resentment and instability. However, after the temporary return of an old crush, played brilliantly by Richard Clarkin, Maureen enters into a world of uncertainty and passion that changes her perceptions.

Each twist seeks to turn the direction of the audienceís compassion and the overall result is both rich with humour and rife with shocks. I would rate this MTC warehouse production 8 out of 10.

Storyteller Returns to Festival

(Staff) - Festival du Voyageur organizers say they were unable to contact the storyteller that wowed crowds last year. For those who missed him, he sat out in the field away from the main crowd with his small fire going telling stories to any that would come listen.

However, he returned to entertain eager audiences, who were overjoyed to see him again. Children on the toboggan run first sighted the mysterious man crossing the river, working his way up the riverbank carrying a bundle of wood like it was nothing. Arriving at the site of his fire last year, he began setting up while a crowd gathered. They watched him light his fire seemingly in no time at all with nothing but a couple of sticks.

Shortly, the crowd numbered close to 40 people. He awed them with a yarn about the hard work and the ongoing struggle the voyageurs faced each day and how they worked for pennies while the rich businessmen were getting rich off the blood of his relatives.

When he was finished, the logs had burned down to near nothing, leaving only the coals to warm his rapt listeners. He told the story like he had lived it, adding little details as he went on.

Sadly, he only returned for two more nights, saying that he had other business to do while in town. When organizers asked if he would be returning next year, he only shrugged and said it was so far away no one could tell for sure.