Missing in Action


Kern Locklier: Brash, loud and incredibly crass, this Brujah has already made his impression on the court of Winnipeg, for good or ill is up to the domain as a whole.


Kaylee E. Sebastian: People wondered what Jon Sebastian's childe was up to in Winnipeg. Not much, evidently, and now she's gone.

Rebecca Foster: Guess she got tired of being a Brujah too...

Knuckles: Without the dashing Knuckles in town, who will the ladies fawn over?

Dean Rachelle: Shy Dean is probably hiding out in the shadows... no one's seem him for quite a while, anyway...

Alexandria Lorenzo: Alexandria has not been seen in a while...

Ahmed: "Ibn", as he is fondly known by the Malkavians, arrived back in town and in short order lost his foot and a blood boon to Prince Leo. Then he went up to Gimli and hasn't been heard from since.

Pete: Yo yo yo, homies, what the hell happened to Pete?

Alexander Hamish McFadden: This Brujah got tossed as Primogen after not showing up to Court for a while. Left town? Dead? Who knows?

James Duke:

Raven Macloud:

Granny: She is alive and travels in and out of the domain on occasion. Who would have thought the Brujah would embrace such an old lady?

Followers of Set

Hall Daintree: The city's head Setite doesn't have much use for Court...

Morgue: ...and neither does Morgue...

Reese Bannon: ...or Reese.

Aristoceles: After pushing a few too many of the wrong buttons, Aristoceles, who was up for adoption in the Malkavian clan, got outed as a Setite. Now it's just not healthy for him to show up to Court.


Cassandra Glass: The wanderlust of the Clan is very strong within her. She still considers the Domain of Winnipeg somewhat of a home base whenever she is away. (She's survived too much within the city to not remain attached to it...)

Liath of Hay: To see her, Liath appears to be a young-ish Scotswoman. In reality, she was born in 1110 AD, and was known to be a healer before being staked in 1134. Revived in the 1950's, Liath's been busy exploring and learning, rarely staying in one place for long. Recently her good friend and mentor, Abzual, was diablerized in the Middle East. Needless to say, Liath was not pleased, as Abzual was the first person she saw when she was unstaked. She deeply misses Alex, her sire, who was hunted with Liath back in 1134. His body has never been located. Liath has not been seen for some time.

Danny Malone: Not much was known about him... and now he's left for parts unknown.

Rose: In the Gangrel tradition, Rose comes and goes to Court, otherwise having little to do with its trappings.

Bruiser: Under the Accounting to Melissa, this neonate enjoyed talking to animals and, hopefully, the occasional slap upside the head. Now that Melissa was found out to be Sabbat, if Bruiser returns, he'll surely have questions to answer.

James Fang: There are more than a few rough edges on this newcomer from the backwoods. He got tired of the court game however, and has returned to the woods.


Crysta: No longer living in the city, it is said she is living in a northern forest, listening to voices from beyond the pale.

Triston McKinnley (Gerry Maney): A long-time member of the Court, the ex-Seneschal shows up now and again.

Jonas Hunter (Daimien Thomas): This Gangrel already seems to have gotten on the wrong side of Leo.

Breanna Martin (Joey Wensel): Not afraid to speak her mind Breanna is loyal to both the Camarilla and to her clan. She came to Winnipeg in the hopes of staying in the background. Instead she has found the Gangrel clan in need o


Anna: Prince Annastasia's childe was handed over to the Cathayans for breaking a territorial treaty, and has been seen only infrequently since. She recently popped up to give Justicar Masako a piece of her mind (at least that's what it sounded like to those who don't know Cantonese... or Mandarin... or Japanese. Whatever language it was, Anna's certainly found a little brass during her time with the Cathayans...

Jumpin' Jack Flash: Jack decided to give Gimli a try. Hope they like him better there...

Ray Thomas:

Byron: He hasn't been seen since he was subjected to the "Big Pink Hat O' Shame".

Blue (Alex Stornel): Got something you need blown up?

Archbishop Gabriel Davidovich (Will Smith): One of Pandora's beloved childer.

Archbishop Rabbi Simon Davidovich (Dana Jensen): A grandchilde of the bloodhunted demon-hunting Pope Killian Davidovich.

Pandora Jade Starlight Delusion Tracer (Amanda Bonner): Many times changed and transformed, this childe of Malkav has gotten her quest from the moonbeam and has arrived within Winnipeg to see through the legacy of her past, and the future of her family.


Whisper: As the name says she is the quiet Nos in the corner, working hard to restore the once proud name of her clan in Winnipeg. Whisper has been missing since the recent Nosferatu troubles, and will be viewed with much suspicion should she return.

April Stewart: This Nos came to town after the kidnapping of Christopher Kennedy, ostensibly to help find out what happened to the former Prince. She's been nowhere to be found recently. Wonder what she's up to...

Angel: In love with Pietrov, she disappeared after he did.

Louis: In love with Angel, he disappeared as well. That's one uuuuugly love triangle...


Tatiana Romanov: This mysterious woman does not often grace the Court with her presence.

John: He's from Persia. Guess he went home.

Xarah Demitrie (Alex Stornel): The widow of Silvanus, the former Ravnos patriarch of Winnipeg, no doubt she has her own secrets and influences - and perhaps has inherited those that Silvanus used to command.


Annik Baptiste: The former Harpy Annik has moved on to Brandon.

Molly O'Brien: Seen as Helpful and Loyal to the Camarilla, Molly is also rumoured to have run a high-class establishment for Gentlemen. Just how helpful was she?

Sorcha McLeod: This Opera singer disappeared soon after arriving in Winnipeg. Her whereabouts are currently a mystery.

Myles: sent to Tremere for research purposes

Jake Bennetti: Sent off in a box to his Toreador superiors by Jessica Stephan.

Akasha: No one knows what happened to this Toreador.

Bethany (Alex Stornel): Bethany has already impressed the Court with her quiet demeanor and artistic talents.

Alexandre De Marquis (Kevin Wilson): Alexandre has impressed the right people in a very short time - just one of his many talents.

Sarah Johnstone (Shauna Mulligan): Sarah, who appeared horrified by much of what other Kindred take as ordinary, is Alexandre's muse. Her recent ordeal at Pietrov's hands will no doubt have hardened her tender soul.

Sir Alexander Price (Cliff Stornel): This English painer is using Winnipeg as his base of operations for a North American tour.

Ark'Tannas (Kyle Provo) After fleeing an Anarch gripped Las Vegas with his friend Shinkirou they arrived in Winnipeg to present themselves to the Camarilla. Will wonders never cease?

Faith (Logan Edwards): A former German soldier, Faith was turned when Hitler invaded Russia near the end of WWII, after being the only survivor of the invasion. Presently residing in Winnipeg, Faith is a collector of weaponry and a professional musician. Recognizable for his Brujah-like appearance.


Elowin:  One very naughty but nice Tremere. A Native American Shaman by birth, a Tremere by someone else's choice.

Dr. Marion Stone: The blind Regent of House and Clan may have other ways of seeing everything that goes on within her sphere of influence, but people haven't seen her in a while.

Garvey Finn: A long-serving member of Clan Tremere, Garvey knows how to play the Court game too... and how to keep all his fledgling associates in line. Now he's serving in the Gimli Chantry and Court at the bidding of his higher-ups.

Dr. Clarence Livingstone: Transfered to a different chantry upon receiving a research grant to a university?

Migel Piado

Su'dakar: Sent back to Vienna


David Xanatos

Trevor Barrington III (David Harborne): The childe of Archon Kennedy, Trevor has long since proved himself, serving as Keeper, Primogen and Prince.  He has since moved on to serve the Camarilla in fighting against the Sabbat in Calgary.

Scott Walters: This Ventrue doesn't quite fit the mold... he's been stationed to be Leducci's mirror in Gimli lately.

Victoria Tyme: A long-standing and much-respected member of the Court, Victoria is not often seen lately.

Link Hiland: He just disapeared.. he was very Brujah-like for a Ventrue.

Rachel Deveraux: She went back to New Orleans.

Ralph Osgoode: Has returned to Georgetown, Grand Cayman.


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