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White Wolf Publishing - Special thanks go out to everyone at White Wolf Publishing because without them, Centre of the Chaos would not be possible. Keep up all the great work folks, and nothing on this website is intended to challenge your copyright over it.
One World by Night - OWbN is a group of Vampire LARP chronicles that span the globe. The story-tellers from each game work together to bring a world-wide feeling to each of our games. It also offers the players a chance interact with characters from all around the world, both by e-mail, in chat rooms and in person.
Grapevine LARP Utility - Make the ST's happy. Make nice legible character sheets on the 'puter that you can email to nice happy ST's. Happy ST. Nice ST.

Mailing Lists

Get connected by clicking on the links to sign up for the appropriate mailing lists. These aren't the only lists, but probably the most common ones - you'll find a more comprehensive list on the OWbN website.

Yahoo Groups List
Just click and send a blank email

Winnipeg By Night: Cold Embrace - In-character communications for Cold Embrace
ooc Cold Embrace - Out-of-character communications for Cold Embrace
owbn-cam - Camarillia in-character list
owbnrant - Brujah Rant list
gangrel - Gangrel list
mmn - Malkavian Madness Network
SchreckNet - Nosferatu list
Toreador - Unofficial Toreador list - see below for the official list
Tremere - Unofficial Tremere list - official list is below
Ventrue - Ventrue list
wpgsf - All things of interest to SF and Fantasy fans in the Winnipeg area.
Keycon - Interested in Keycon, site of a big two-night LARP every year? More info and discussion on this group.

OWbN Lists
Click on the link and send an e-mail with no subject, and in the body put the following:
     subscribe name of list
For example:
     subscribe owbn
would subscribe the sending email address to the main OWbN in-character list.

The Guild - Official Toreador list
OWbN Pyramid - Official Tremere list

'Cause These Are The Kindred In Our Neighborhood...

Fred-by-Night - OWbN LARP set in Gimli.
Within Shadow's Reach - Our next nearest neighbor, Fargo's LARP is also a member of OWbN.
Brandon by Night - City of Blood - Set in Brandon.  Everyone has fun there, its nice to visit.  However, Winnipeg (or Gimli) players can not bring their characters to visit.  
Terror in Thunder Bay - Bring out your combat twinks! Min/Max to your heart's content... just don't take a character you're really attached to. G'wan... you'll have a blast!
Sidney's Scrapbook - On-line home of Sidney Power, Winnipeg's Malkavian Primogen - for now...

Gaming and Fandom Links

Keycon - Winnipeg, Manitoba's annual science fiction and fantasy convention.
Prairiecon - Gaming convention (and occasional Gamesdays) held in Brandon, MB.

Just Plain Cool Stuff!

Gothic Auctions - Really cool stuff in black... for cheap!
Builder Online - Looking for a good haven? Pick a mansion or a cottage from these on-line house plans.
Modern Ruins Photographic Essays - This isn't really world of darkness, but these ruins are desolate and haunting.
Asylum Eclectica - Experience the Morbid... and sign up for the Morbid Fact du Jour. Warning: some portions of this site, and most of the links from it, are not for the faint of heart!



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