A Brief Supernatural History of Winnipeg

An End, and a Beginning...

Winnipeg was once a thriving metropolis for the supernatural beings of our world, with creatures of all types coming to live here. Among the many advantages to residing in Winnipeg was its location at the geographical center of North America. What most of the common folk did not know was that many of the ley lines from across North America flowed through Winnipeg.

All of this was true until the flood of the century in 1997! Along with the great deluge of water that followed, and overflowed, the river banks, wiping out much of Grand Forks and the Fargo/Moorhead area, a great flow of energy also followed the invisible ley lines. These torrents could not be stopped by the ditches and dykes that had protected Winnipeg from the water until thus far.

The different supernatural groups in the city each believed they knew were that energy would peak. When it did peak, all contact with the various groups was lostNo one truly knows what happened.

No supernatural creature that went to Winnipeg has returned until recently.

Selected Occurrences Since the Flood of 1997

These incomplete records are believed to have been compiled by the Court Chronicler of Winnipeg:

Recent records kept by the Harpy of Winnipeg:


The information on this page, and the chronicles linked here, may be used IC by any Winnipeg-based character who would have access to the Harpy Records. All other characters must consider this information OOC. The only exception to this is the section titled "A Brief Supernatural History of Winnipeg", which may be considered to be IC to any character.