Harpy Report

March 10, 2001

Court was convened and presentations were made to the Court:

Arngrim arrived in town for a matter of Nosferatu prestige. He made it known to the Court that Prince Leo is to be considered "Trustworthy" in the eyes of Clan Nosferatu. Whatever.

Clan reports were made to the Prince; all Clans are following up on the tasks they were assigned last Court.

In other business:

The Gangrel have adopted Rebecca Foster. The Caitiff was first under the wing of the Brujah Primogen Alan Landis, but has decided that she prefers the company of Gangrel. No doubt next week she will aspire to be of the Clan of Artists.

Trevor Barrington III continues to impress. Clan Malkavian, at the instigation of Sukie Stevens of Gimli, has bestowed upon him the honour of being known as "Ish" to Clan Malkavian. As well, by word of Seneschal Julian Mitchell of Clan Toreador, Trevor is to be seen as "Brave" amongst the Clan of the Rose.

Unannounced to the Court at large, probably due to the fact that she’s kind of in the middle of a bit of a scandal in Fargo, was the presence of a visitor from that city in turmoil. Our visitor was none other that ex-Sheriff Stephania Bonaducci, who spent the evening putting the moves on Prince Leo. Perhaps she is hoping to have someone more highly placed than herself plead her case in Fargo, where Prince Craft has given the Right of Destruction to the entire city should she drag her ass back there. In fashion notes, her hair is now pink, as opposed to the Oscar-the-Grouch green we had all become used to.

After the initial announcements, Court was adjourned for a time to allow for Clan meetings. During this time, it became apparent that the members of Clan Brujah, unaccustomed to quiet time, were getting a little twitchy, so Prince Leo sent them to Transcona to pick up an Anarch. They spent most of the evening away, no doubt dedicated to their task, as they trolled the watering holes of that exciting suburb in pursuit of their goal. However, they did manage to return with the requisite non-Camarilla club bunny. Upon questioning, which the Anarch, whose name escapes me, found somewhat humourous, some information was gathered regarding several of the Anarchs in the area, and their favourite haunts. Acting on some of this information, Starlight, Melissa and I took another field trip this week to check out the home of an Anarch named Sarah, who appears to be somewhat of a leader to the rabble. However, we did not find anything or anyone of note.

And that was it for Court. Nice to have one where nobody’s head got smashed, ripped off, etc.

Report submitted by Harpy Sidney Power



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