Harpy Report

February 24, 2001

Court was convened and business was taken care of.

There were several presentations to the Court:

In matters of Status, after having been stripped some weeks ago of the status of "Esteemed" for an oversight which could have resulted in a breach of the Masquerade, for redeeming himself, that status was returned to Garvey Finn.

The main issue discussed in Court was the overwhelming number of potential threats facing the Domain of Winnipeg. To the end of eliminating these problems, each clan has been assigned a focus for their efforts, mostly to collect information which can be used against each problem. These assignments are as follows:

Strange the way things turn out sometimes... Prince Leo had put the search for the serial killer Syd on the back burner. We just didn't seem to be getting anywhere. So with an apology to Clan Malkavian, who were unwilling witnesses to Syd's crimes, he shifted the focus to covering up, as opposed to catching, Syd. But fate played a strange hand. The Malkavians had been troubled by hearing a song in their heads the entire week. It seemed to get louder and closer sounding as time passed. So Starlight and I looked to the patterns in the chaos to see if we could gain any insight. Starlight envisioned a house near a school - Syd's hideout we thought - and I saw a name on the school. With that information, we sent our best fighters to takd Syd out. The rest is hard to relate, but in the battle, we lost Stephen, our Harry Tremere. He was very brave... or perhaps somewhat foolhardy. At any rate, upon hearing a scream, which he apparently assumed came from another mortal victim, Stephen rushed in and engaged the enemy. He fought valiantly, from all accounts, as did most of the rest of those on the scene, but was our only serious casualty. Rupert Gray, also of Clan Tremere, but a relative newcomer to the city, was in the battle, but ran off. Any extra body might have made the difference in saving Stephen's life. For his cowardice, he was banished from the city, and is now in the hands of Clan Tremere, whose tender mercies will likely convince him that he would have been better off staying in the fight. Syd and most of his helpers (aside from one worm-like creature which escaped) were killed, but I still wonder that the price was too high.

And it was my insight that sent him there.

While the fight was taking place, those Kindred not suited to combat were anxiously awaiting word from the scene. Franklin Moore was calling with regular updates, and it was by this means that we learned of Stephen's death. At this point, an incident occurred which proved that some members of the Court are lacking in the basics of respect, decorum and manners. Melissa and Ferdinah had been engaged in a game of Cribbage while we waited. After hearing of Stephen's death, though it was quite obvious from the demeanor of the others assembled that most were quite distressed at the news, without a moment of remembrance, the two card-players resumed their game with much joviality. Ferdinah's incessant giggling was especially seen as an affront, and to end the display of outrageous disrespect, Prince Leo staked the ex-Caitiff. She was later made to publicly apologize, but that was seen as too little, too late, by most, especially since she took the opportunity of apologizing to actually make excuses for her disrespect. Out of respect for her position as Primogen of Clan Gangrel, Melissa was let off with a few stern words from Prince Leo, though I would have had her treated just as harshly as Ferdina.

After the Court had reconvened, Starlight, Melissa and I went back to the scene of the battle, to perform any necessary cleanup. The less said of that distasteful scene the better, but we did have to dispose of some remains that would have been difficult to explain had they been left behind. I also took the opportunity to collect Stephen's earthly remains, so they might be preserved with honour. He will not be forgotten.

One other incident worth noting took place. Clan Brujah, as their assigned task, was in contact with the Giovanni who remain in the city. The result of this was some messiness involving some dead mortal bodies, and Prince Leo had to smooth things over with his police contacts. He was very displeased with these complications, given the other goings-on, and Ahmed of Clan Brujah lost a foot over the incident, and now owes a blood boon to the Prince. Sometimes I think that we have too many of the wrong sort of Brujah in town.

Report submitted by Harpy Sidney Power



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