Harpy Report

October 19-20, 2001

I'm most certain that the majority of you were already aware, but Winnipeg was host to a great influx of visitors this weekend for what we had thought would be a visit from a Representative to His Celestial Eminence the Tai Pan and Justicar Robert Pedder. A representative, however, was not in attendance. Our Domain did not lack for worthy visitors though, and we were graced with a visit from Her Dread Excellency Justicar Masako and her Archon Wessex.

The Friday evening was a chance for all to meet and visit, as well as a chance for the Brujah to hold a Rant. This was punctuated with a court called by The Lion Prince of Winnipeg, Leo Leducci, in which a few matters of the Domain were attended to. The remainder of the evening progressed as it had begun, with amazing talents being heard during Primogen Sidney Power's Karaoke party, or as it was dubbed "Tribute to Musical Art". Some of the talents heard were Prince Leo's valiant version of "Only the Good Die Young", The Dread Prince Thomas Kendrick of Gimli's rousing rendition of "Born to be Wild", the Malkavian family singing "I Will Survive", a hauntingly beautiful acapella piece by Primogen Christopher D. Kennedy of Winnipeg, Miss Patricia Hawthorne's amazing job of "Bitch", my own version of "These Boots Were Made For Walking" and a group consisting of Amber Davidovich of Winnipeg, Romulous Hawthorne and Roger Smith, both of St. Paul, and myself doing (complete with actions straight from the movie) "The Time Warp". This of course was only a short listing, as many more sang wonderfully to amuse us all. It is also rumoured that a high stakes poker game took place until dawn in one of the visitor's rooms... I myself heard that a single hand went for over $500,000.00.

Performances and a ball were planned for Saturday evening, but they were unfortunately canceled due to a disturbance within the domain that was eventually traced back to one Sylvanus Dimitri (Elder Ravnos). He had been affecting the minds of all Kindred within the Domain with visions of forests who's trees had the ability to stake someone, Storm Troopers and Darth Vader's theme from Star Wars, and spiders with awesome cocooning web powers. Prince Leo had asked the entire court to find Sylvanus, which took up the majority of the evening. He was found, and he no longer walks among us (though he was already destroyed when found).

During Saturday evening's formal court, Michael of Clan Malkavian from St. Paul was stripped by myself of his *Loyal* name due to not one, but two breeches of Elysium committed in the short span of one night, and Anwynn Davidovich was stripped of his *Feared* name for bringing unfounded and unproved charges of mischief against Archon Wessex's clan. Seneschal Julian Mitchell, Clan Toreador of Winnipeg was seen as *Cherished* by Archon Wessex for deeds done within the Domain of Winnipeg in service to the Camarilla which shall remain nameless in this instance in order to keep the security of the matter safe, Miss Sarah Johnstone was released from her accounting by her sire, Alexandre DeMarquis, Clan Toreador of Winnipeg, and her *Acknowledgement* within the Camarilla as a whole was approved by Prince Leo, and Whip Alexandre DeMarquis, Clan Toreador of Winnipeg was seen as *Wise* by Prince Leo Leducci for the formidable example he has set for the Camarilla in his short time of residence within the Domain, as well as for services of council and strategization rendered to the Prince.

It was truly a busy weekend for all in attendance. High praise and regards for the weekend's court could be heard from the lips of all, and promises of repeat visitations were made all around.

Well, I believe that about covers it for now.

Report submitted by Harpy Malia DeCordova



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