Harpy Report

December 29, 2001

Well, for a relatively small gathering, it was quite the busy night in the court of The Honourable Prince Christopher D. Kennedy on Saturday evening. Since only about twenty of us were there, I thought I might send out a short update for everyone else.

The evening began quietly, what with no new presentations to be made, and Prince Kennedy urged us all to socialize and enjoy the evening.

About half an hour in, we had a visitor, who's strength of personality overcame us all...until Prince Kennedy informed him that he was not to use such powers of the blood in Elysium, of course. He was later introduced to the Prince as a man who was just passing through. I can't recall his name exactly...Started with a P though, and he was of the Clan of Kings. Though he was granted hospitality from our Prince for the evening, there was some concern over a possible blood hunt that he was under in Brandon some time ago.

We were graced with a visitation en masse from Prince Lucian Vachon of Brandon, and his retinue, which included Sheriff Tanner, Scourge Elbryan Wyndon, Keeper Aiden O'Brian, Brody and Azhael.

In Harpy news, I am no longer *Praised within the Camarilla by word of the *Well-Known name of Prince Lucian Vachon of Brandon for a slight in decorum, and Elbryan Wyndon, his Scourge, is no longer *Honourable as Prince Lucian is *Exalted for the same slight.

Leo Leducci of Winnipeg is to be seen by the Camarilla as *Ferocious for his defense of the Camarilla as a whole, and in particular, the actions he took which lead to the safety (and the ability to continue walking) of all who were in Brandon (including myself, Mr. Scott Walters, Mr. Yuri and Mr. Daruis Smith) a week and a half ago during the werewolf attack. His actions included bargaining with 50 werewolves alone (though Mr. Smith was with him when he did it) for more time and a less severe punishment, as well as fending off and killing a werewolf almost single handedly (Mr. Tanner raked that wolf with his claws twice to aide Mr. Leducci).

The night progressed, and the Brujah went off to have a rant at Primogen Drumm's house, but before they could begin, the entire structure collapsed. They returned to court looking for answers, but did not seem to find any by the time the night was over.

The visiting Gangrel (Tanner and Aiden O'Brian) along with Miss Ferdina, the adopted Gangrel of Winnipeg, decided to participate in a game of Tag in a room specifically set aside for such purposes. Leo Leducci and Miss Sukie Stephens joined them for this endeavour. The first out of the fray was Miss Stephens, though she did manage to get a few shots in on Mr. Tanner of Brandon before she was taken out. She looked a bit woozy on her feet, and a bit worse for the wear, but at least she stepped out before she was too far-gone.

Or so we thought. It seems Miss Stephens took the game a little too seriously, and let herself get a little too thirsty as a result of the game, and lost herself to the hunger of the beast in the middle of court, letting herself loose on Primogen Trevor Barrington III. For her actions, she now owes Mr. Barrington a Major Boon, and Prince Kennedy has declared that she be seen as far less *Dedicated to the Camarilla for defiling the sanctity of Elysium. Miss Stephens openly lamented her loss of stature, and questioned Prince Kennedy's ruling on the matter.

Even after Prince Kennedy informed her that the alternate punishment would be far more severe, as Archon Wessex had suggested, leading to her death, she continued to question. After some harsh words from Miss Amber Davidovich and myself, Miss Stephens saw reason and quieted down.

The game of tag continued, and the next one out was Miss Ferdina, though she got more that a few damaging hits in on Mr. O'Brian, and I am sure the Gangrel Clan will look favorably upon her for it.

As the game wore down to three combatants, eventually Mr. O'Brian had to concede, leaving Mr. Leducci and Mr. Tanner as the final two. In the end, though, Mr. Tanner had to bow out and concede that Mr. Leducci had won, leaving Mr. Leducci still undefeated in the game.

Court was called, and we all went home.

It was a joy to have the visitors from Brandon in the city, and I do hope they will join us again in the future.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I hope to see you all at court on January 12 of 2002!

Report submitted by Harpy Malia DeCordova



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