Lucas Romanov:  His plan to take down a Primogen went wrong.

Yue Matsuri: What can be said about this Asian descended Brujah...? Not alot apparently....

Aiken Drumm: This motherf***er is one bada** Brujah! And to anyone who says different, f***ety f*** f*** to you, f***head!!!

Koric: Quiet, imposing and new to the city. "Damn Ventrue Ambidexterity!"

John Merik Armstrong: Left Winnipeg for Brandon, where the position of Prince comes open much more often.  Killed in Brandon.

Kitt: Evidently fed up with the calibre of Brujah in Winnipeg, Kitt took a long hiatus in that hotbed of Kindred activity, Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland. Then she returned just long enough to get dead.

Paulie Scala: Paulie torched Starlight to settle up for some hurt feelings. Prince Kennedy made sure that Paulie settled up for killing Starlight.

Zombie: No doubt, Aiken misses his pal terribly.

Seth D'Angelo:

Alan Landis: A little less scholar, and a little more warrior, would have helped this intellectual Brujah when he came up against the Sabbat.

Maximus Dometricus - Dec. 2/2000: After being a bit of a rabble rouser, Dometricus had been unnaturally "encouraged" to be more supportive of the Prince. Just when he could have settled down to being a productive, loyal member of the Court, he was blown up in the sewers.

Matt Williams - Dec. 2/2000: Another Brujah victim of the sewer explosion.

Martias - Dec. 2/2000: Captured by Autarkis Nosferatu, Martias died when the sewers blew up.

Shadow: Met her final death at the hands of a group of Hunters with a Zippo.

J.J. Chambers: Always seeming to luck out with another chance when he screwed the pooch, J.J.'s luck finally ran out during his quest for the True Faith Child.

Lance: This Brujah on the run was summoned back to Winnipeg. During questioning, he frenzied his ass right through a plate glass window and had to be put down to avoid a breach of the Masquerade.

Wayne Owens: A soldier of Clan Brujah, this man took orders from everyone until Darren Patrick came along, and then it all went bad. He eventually met his end in a hail of bullets.

Edmund of Graham: After one too many outbursts in Court, Edmund was killed while being subdued and staked. The official story is that it was accidental.

H.C. - May 18/2000: On the run from Hunters in the South, former Anarch H.C. had joined the Camarilla for safety. Because of this, he was highly critical of anything happening that risked the Masquerade. He was executed by Archon Sir Cedric Wessex at the decree of Justicar Malaphar for claiming to have destroyed someone else's illegal childer without permission, and for frenzying in Court.

Melponee: One of the first of many to take a disliking of Leo Leducci, and one of the first to be dead because of him, Melponee broke the rules of Elysium and tried to run. She didn't get far.

Dennis - Jan. 15/2000: Not much is known about Dennis, actually. He believed himself an expert in martial arts, but that did not help him with his self-control issues. He was killed by Thomas Van Galin at the request of the Prince for crimes against the Traditions.

Victoria Blake - Sept. 23/1999: Born in New Orleans, Victoria was adopted soon after her birth by Victor Blake, a master thief who taught her the fine art of stealing to survive. Victoria has spent most of her un-life robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, keeping just enough to survive.

Bjorn Bloodaxe - Apr. 15/1999: Recently arrived in the city, this long-time friend of Sir Cedric Wessex betrayed his friendship and used Cedric's influence and position to get close to and assassinate Prince Micheal A. Rourke. Following the release of video evidence of this murder, a bloodhunt was called on him by Prince Annastasia and he was declared caitiff by Sir Cedric Wessex. That night he was killed by members of Clan Malkavian.

Liam - Mar. 6/1999: Liam went missing during a fight with Garou done by the Red River. He disappeared along with one of the Garou in a bright flash, after having his fangs ripped out.

Daughters of Cacophony

Alessandra Armstrong: A companion of Andrew Craven of the Toreadors, Alyse traveled a lot, and wasn't in the city much. She was quite a talented singer. No one knows how or were she died.

Followers Of Set

Scott Gilespi: Killed in Gimli.  


Dave: He has spent his unlife traveling the world robbing from various tombs and sites, and then selling the booty to the highest bidder. He first arrived to sell a number of different items at the Toreador Ball, and is rumoured to have stayed due to a job he is planning for somewhere north of Winnipeg. Recently banished from the Domain of Winnipeg for pissing off the wrong Prince, few doubt that the Court has seen the last of Dave.

Melissa Montgomery: After it was found out that Melissa was Sabbat, Prince Leo turned her into his lap dog. Then he took her up to Gimli and used her to blow up some Sabbat there.

Fern - Dec. 2/2000: Always eager to help find a peaceful solution to a problem, Fern descended into the sewers to do what he could. He certainly did.

Ash - Dec. 2/2000: Captured after chasing Autarkis Nosferatu, Ash met her end in the explosion of the sewers.

Garrett - Dec. 2/2000: Garrett was an independent Gangrel who had arrived in the city to research some of the odder phenomena that had been occurring. Frequently aiding the Camarilla in their efforts, Gattett was killed in an explosion after being captured by Autarkis Nosferatu.

Smoke: Met her end valiantly; killed by Sabbat in Fargo.

Kantlar - May 20/2000: Killed by Leo Leducci in self-defense, before his death, Kantlar admitted that he had assassinated Prince Annastasia.

Bishop: Killed in accordance with a bloodhunt called by Prince Annastasia for the diablarie of Martha of Clan Toreador.

Ragnar Vornskeggi - Sept. 23/1999: Jarl Ragnar Vornskeggi was a rather anachronistic member of Clan Gangrel from the northern lands of Scandinavia. He died honourably (though in an unusual manner, by a "flaming baseball hat o' death"), killed in battle with hunters.


Lucius Giovanni - June 12/1999: Lucius was killed after the opening of the Oriental Gardens for breaking the Traditions of the Masquerade and of Domain.

Romeo Giovanni - Feb. 10/2001: Well, he seemed like such a nice Giovanni... but then he kidnapped the unconcious Sheriff Steven to do whatever Giovanni do to unconcious bodies. Too bad for him that the Court found its Sheriff - 'cause then Romeo lost his head.


Starlight: She liked to push buttons... guess when she picked on Paulie Scala, she underestimated his desire to even the score.

Franklin Moore - July 14/2001: Caught by the Tremere while he was trying to create some eeeeeeeeevil, Franklin was destined to hang for all eternity by his toenails, in Prince Leo's dungeon. To help Franklin pass the time, Prince Leo had scheduled daily scripture readings. But Franklin got a reprieve of sorts - now he's just dead.

Rebecca Fitzgerald - Jan. 27/2001: Incautious one too many times, Becky got nailed by hunters.

Echs - Dec. 30/2000: His life as a vampire is over, but Echs found a new body to live in, as a Ghoul.

Bob Herzog: Despite believing himself to be a role-playing character from the comic book "Knights of the Dinner Table", Bob appeared a loyal and efficient Malkavian, who rose to the postition of Sheriff/Scourge. But Bob's alter-ego (the comic book character's other personality) was actually a homicidal maniac, who, once he had killed his first Kindred, thirsted to kill again - which his Court position offered ample opportunity for. However, a pack of Garou intervened and Bob met final death. Too bad - the xp would have pumped him up a level or two...

Rutger: On his first night in Court, Rutger was so annoying that then-Seneschal Tristan ordered Bob to cut off his head.

Annastasia Tatiana Ivonovich - Apr. 22/2000: Annastasia was gunned down while driving into the city from St. Andrews Airport. Two black vans and a car cut in front of her vehicle and shot her into torpor before one of her assailants chopped off her head. She will be missed by many members of the Court.

Jandor Cross: Blood hunted by Annastasia, he escaped but it is believed that he is dead.

Dr. Remus Walters - Jan. 24/2000: He was a recent arrival to the Court of Winnipeg and a self-proclaimed Anarch. This turned out to be a lie. He was the first known Sabbat member to have entered and infiltrated the court of Winnipeg. He was killed by two Malkavian Anarchs when he tried to shovel-party them.


Pietrov Suslova: This Nosferatu, a longtime member of the Court, has seemingly taken a dislike to Prince Kennedy, causing physical damage to his properties, as well as a certain less-quantifiable damage to Kennedy's reputation. Last known to be aiding, and possibly masterminding the plots of the Anarch Kindred who invaded the sewers, Pietrov recently surfaced long enough to kidnap Toreadors Sarah Johnstone and Malia de Cordova. Sarah survived the ordeal, but Malia did not; no doubt Pietrov will be called upon to answer for that.

Tsunami: A casualty of the tensions between the Ventrue and Nosferatu clans, Tsunami showed initiative that was not appreciated by Prince Leo.

Paul: He lasted about two weeks in Winnipeg before his whiny voice and annoying mannerisms got on one too many nerves.

Demitra Romanov: Dimetra was Annastasia Ivonivich's niece in her life before she was Embraced. In her Kindred life, she settled in Winnipeg after catching up wiht her long-lost kin. Travelling on Court business, she was caught stowing away on a train to Vancouver. Mortals hauled her into the sunlight, creating a spectacle which was widely reported in the tabloids: "Suspicious Woman Bursts ino Flames Early Morning".

Dermot Locksly - Apr. 18/2000: Dermot went into frenzy while in a court officers' meeting, He had been in a strange state of mind since the deaths of Heather and Robert. The conversation at the meeting seemed to push him over the edge. After he was beaten into torpor, Kantlar searched his body for weapons to ensure everyone's safety. However, when he drew Dermot's guns, an explosive went off, blowing Dermot in two.

Heather Martin - Mar. 28/2000: Heather Martin was gunned down in cold blood by hunters in Central Park. She had become a very important member of the court and was doing a great deal of work for it.

Robert Thomas - Mar. 28/2000: Robert was killed in the park at the corner of Higgens and Main St. It is believed that the people who killed him are also the same ones who killed Heather.

Laird Duncan Maclaren - Apr. 13/1999: This short-lived Nosferatu ignored the status of Prince Micheal A. Rourke at a Primogen meeting. For this offense, he was stripped of status and asked to leave the meeting. He refused, was escorted out, and then killed when he tried to put up a fight. As he resisted, his ghouls attempted an assassination of the Prince, but were successfully fought off.


Kassandra Demitrie:  Died in Gimli by Legion.

Silvanus Demitrie: Honoured by the Malkavian clan with the title "Big Wheels", Silvanus' death has gone a long way to disprove the classic CCR song: "Big Wheels [don't] keep on turning..."

Ashkinal Urmen: In the city for unknown reasons, this Independent has proven herself useful to the Court, and is friends with the Malkavians in the city.


Julian Mitchell:  A crazed fan shot him at the Winnipeg airport.  Only question is who did it and what kind of fan?

Dr. Marrou:  Died in Gimli.

Kyle d'Angelo: Just another Kindred with a restaurant. Wonder how long it'll take for Court to be held there so that it can be trashed just like all the other restaurants owned by Kindred...

Malia DeCordova: The proud owner and artist of The DeCordova Wax Museum was kidnapped from Court by Pietrov, the bloodhunted Nosferatu. Kept staked, she was given no chance to defend her life before warring Anarch Nosferatu factions cowardly set her aflame.

Rebecca: This Toreador was not here very long before she was killed by Anarch Nosferatu, just prior to the sewer explosion.

Jessica Stephan: Artist and patron of the local arts community, Archon Stephan was presumed dead when her plane exploded over the Atlantic Ocean.

Gerard Laporte: Killed in accordance with a bloodhunt called by Prince Annastasia.

Andrew Craven: For plotting against Prince Annastasia, Craven was bloodhunted. Captured and staked, he was retrieved from Annastasia's basement by his co-conspirator, Michael Wyndham. Strong suspicions exist that he was subsequently diablarized by Wyndham.

Xeru Peris: Famous for his imitation of a lemon merangue pie, this Toreador darling was the only serious casualty the night Bishop was summoned back to Court.

Jean-Claude Beauvier - Apr. 18/2000: After the death of Dermot, the Court officials in attendance scattered. All were later accounted for, save J.C. He was last seen in the presence of Kantlar, who later confessed to the death of Annastasia, which occurred only four days after J.C.'s disappearance. Coincidence? You decide...

Ariana: Little need be said about her. Suffice to say that her death was swift, painful, and befitting her heinous crime of Diablerie.

Martha - Apr. 29/1999: Martha's short un-life lead to sad and senseless death. She was killed by the Gangrel, Bishop.


Darius Xerxes Zephyr: Recently returned to Winnipeg, this notorious "warlock" has caused some turmoil.

Matumbo Khan: Attacking people in Brandon's Elysium turned out to be a fatal mistake for Matumbo.

Theran McMasterson: Every clan has to have one... they guy who's always in trouble. Well, Theran ain't it anymore. Theran ain't anything anymore.

Stephen Laerenzo - Feb. 24/2001: Everybody's favorite Sheriff, "Harry Tremere" was the last victim of Syd the Serial Killer and his Gang.

Luciene MacDonald - Dec. 2/2000: Yet another victim of the Great Sewer Explosion of 2000...

Darren Patrick: The object of much derision from House and Clan, and the Court at large, "Art" will probably only be missed by the Malkavians.

Michael Graves - Jan. 17/2000: A fairly new arrival to Winnipeg, Michael was killed on that fateful night for his crimes against House and Clan. A surprising fellow that Michael.

Moira O'Riordan - Jan. 17/2000: Somewhat stuffy, Moira was quietly elegant (in a creepy sort of way). Her drive for power was as obvious as her inhumanity. Moira was killed in a confusing state of affairs, apparently by Michael Graves.

Alexander Cassmier - Jan. 17/2000: A newly-embraced childer of Moira, little was known about Alexander, except for his company "Cassmier Investments". Alexander was killed when he frenzied and attacked his sire.

Leone Scipio - June 16/1999: The Tremere Regent was found to be guilty as an accomplice in the death of Prince Micheal A. Rourke. For this offence, a bloodhunt was called upon him. Moments later, he was cut down on the steps of the False Chantry.

Micheal Morgan - Nov 27/1998: This member of the Tremere was found electrocuted to death and his body left rotting in the former Elysium.


Tress Deville: A younge, red-haired girl who is new to the city...

Gabe Logan

Samuel Tokia: A Mafia Ventrue from Hong Kong, this man of mystery met his end facing off with an Electrical Creature. Last thoughts? "Damn! I wish I'd worked more on my Fortitude!"

Daniel Harper - Dec. 3/1999: Daniel was from London, England, embraced in Victorian times. He had been in the city for a number of months and quickly gained power in both the Camarilla and Clan Ventrue. On Oct. 30/1999 he claimed Praxis over the city of Winnipeg with the backing of the Primogen Council. He was killed by Sir Cedric Wessex on December 3rd when he acted dishonourably protecting Killian of Clan Malkavian, who had blood-bound him.

Micheal A. Rourke - June 15/1999: The Prince was treacherously assassinated by Bjorn Bloodaxe in his own office. Micheal was viciously hacked into torpor, then dealt final death by decapitation. Sir Cedric Wessex was noted as saying, "Rourke had worked hard to ensure the defence of order and the traditions within the city during his rule. His wide spread influence and just ruling style will be missed."

Xavier Vas - May 22/1999: A expert on the spirit world, Xavier was embraced by Jonathan Babbage of Clan Ventrue. A few weeks later, he was destroyed in light of evidence that he had broken the Tradition of Domain twice, and the Tradition of Hospitality.

Earl, Duke of the Isle of Mann - Dec. 20/1998: This short-lived prince of Winnipeg was killed in a vicious attack that took place shortly before Christmas.


Echs - January 20/2000: Annoying as a Malk, annoying as a Ghoul, Echs will probably find some way to be annoying in Final Death. He went for a visit to Gimli and got blown up by the Firebug. Bet that annoyed Echs.


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