Welcome Package - Experience Points

As by OWBN policy you can earn a maximum of 8 xp a month.

When you arrive at a game, you have earned 2 XP. Over the course of the night it is possible to lose one of those XP for the following things

  • Being chronically Out of Character
  • Having your Out of Character action bring other people Out of Character
  • Not signing in

Avoid doing those things, and you will earn two XP per game.

Player of the Game: At the end of each game we hold a player of the game vote. The players nominate who they feel was the best role-player of the night, and explain why. Then in turn a public vote (each person is allowed to vote once) is held for all those nominated. At the end the person with the most votes earns an extra XP for the night. A player can only win this once per month.

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