Court Chronicle

January 15, 2000

As per the orders of Annastasia, Prince of the Domain of Winnipeg, Dennis of Clan Brujah was sentenced to death. Thomas VanGalin was given the right of destruction and pulled a sword in the middle of court in order to chop off Dennisí head. For whatever reason either the sword wasnít sharp, or it was a piece of junk, but after two attempts the sword broke. Remus Walters of Clan Malkavian then took hold of Dennis so he could not go anywhere.

Moira then stepped in and made Dennisí blood fly through the air (Some Tremere thing I guess). This seemed to take the fight out of him somewhat. Mr. Van Galin then managed to chop off Dennisí head using his own sword. While this was going on I called the three rats that I had with me to attack Dennis to put him out of his misery as in my eyes he was a screw up but he didnít deserve to have his death dragged out in such a fashion.

After all of this had happened Silvanus of Clan Ravnos presented Moira with a gift from Annastasia. The Court seemed to get a laugh out of it.

Raymond Thomas, Byron and Remus Walters all of Clan Malkavian were all deemed to be Tolerated within the Domain of Winnipeg, as was Ashram of Clan Gangrel. Tsunami of Clan Nosferatu has been accepted within the Domain of Winnipeg. Tsunami has also recited the Traditions in English. Dr. Stone of Clan Tremere has vouched for him saying that he now understands what each of the traditions means.

During this time Lucas of Clan Toreador was being spoken to by a Wraith who told him that the Wraiths of former Prince Harper and former Prince Roark had somehow re-embraced themselves and were rampaging out of control near the airport. After that things become a bit confusing as most of the Kindred that were at Court then split up into two groups to take care of the problem.

Melissa, Tristan, Cassandra, and Ashram of Clan Gangrel, Tsunami of Clan Nosferatu and Remus Walters of Clan Malkavian went after Mr. Roark.

The other group that went after Mr. Harper consisted of the following people: Thomas VanGalin and J.J. Chambers of Clan Brujah, Louis, Dermont and myself of Clan Nosferatu, Moira of Clan Tremere, and Lucas of Clan Toreador.

After that is when things get a bit fuzzy for me as I was going through a bit of a problem at the time and I am not too sure what happened after that.



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