Court Chronicle

January 1, 2000

It had come to the Court’s attention that during the fight between Jonathan Forge and Dennis, both of clan Brujah, that blood had been left behind and had been collected by the City of Winnipeg Police. There was also a witness, a drunk who was at the scene. Christopher Kennedy, Dennis, Kitt, Jean Claude, Akasha and Tristan went looking for the man after both myself and Robert Thomas went through the police computers to find a description of the individual by the name of Sam Johnson. His whereabouts is unknown. While the groups were out one of them was checking the New Occidental hotel for Sam and was unable to find him. They then began looking through the shelters that he has been known to frequent.

The other group (Tsunami, Edgar, Cassandra, and Lance) was attacked by Oriental Kindred while going by the Oriental Gardens. They attacked Tsunami while he was he was obfuscated, and although the Oriental grew shark’s mouth and teeth, and blew green flames from his mouth our Kindred managed to defeat it.

It also seems that there was a Tremere that was appearing and disappearing from both the Court and from the scene of the battle, including one time twenty-five feet in the air.

Meanwhile, Robert was shutting down the power grid around Wellington Crescent in an effort to draw police away from the Oriental Gardens. The other group started a brawl in the hotel for the same purpose.

Moira asked the Nosferatu to take some others (Thomas, Melissa, and myself) through the sewers to extract the people from the Gardens. By the time they arrived the problem had been taken care of and they returned to Court.

No breaches of the Masquerade were reported.

After everyone had returned to Court it came to the attention of Moira that Dennis of Clan Brujah had attempted to blood bond Tristan, whereupon Melissa took it upon herself to grab Dennis by the neck and threaten his life in Elysium. When it was brought to Moira’s attention, Melissa said, "I am the keeper I am allowed." The situation was dealt with by awarding a minor boon to Tristan.

At this point, a fight broke out between Lance and Dennis, which was broken up by several Brujah and Gangrel. Apparently Lance left the room that Dennis was in, lost his temper, and returned to attack Dennis. After the fight had been broken up both Dennis and Lance were brought before Moira.

Dennis due to all of his screw-ups owes boons to many people, while Lance was stripped of his positions as both Sheriff and Scourge after refusing to step down. Edgar of Clan Brujah now serves in both of those positions with Tristan as his deputy.



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