Kindred of Winnipeg

Winnipeg's Court

Prince:  Yuri Volkov
Seneschal:  J.C. Walters
Harpy:  Gabriel Black
Sheriff:  Vacant
Keeper:  Leary S. Davidovich        
Scourge:  Gabriel Black


Brujah: Mara O'Brennan
Gangrel:  Kaylin Silverfurr
Malkavian: Amber Davidovich
Toreador: Vacant
Tremere:  Jeffrey Stenbeck
Ventrue:  Lady Manon


Michael Beanre


Gianni Aidamo (Frank Finch): Gianni is one of the few Brujah who can stay out of trouble. That alone makes him valuable.

Mara (Connie Embury):   Is now out of the Accounting of Trevor Barrington and now is an Acknowledged member of the Camrilla.


Kaylin Silverfurr (Shauna Mulligan)

Yuri Volkov:  He has now returned to Winnipeg and has already been named the new Scourge of the city.  


Sidney Power (Natalie Verge): Sidney's a daddy's girl at heart... always trying to please (no, not like that, you pervert!) and help those special men who remind her of the lost men in her life: her father, and her step-dad. But watch out, Sidney will always place personal interest first, especially when it comes to her stuff. By the way, her definition of "stuff" can be very broad...

Cardinal Amber Davidovich aka cad(Nancy Fetterman): That annoying Malkavian in the corner who never has anything nice to say about anyone.

Gabriel Black (Chris Barsanti)



Gareth (John Robertson): The well-known and loved harpist speaks volumes for what his clan can and should be. His presence is often missed at Court, for he is often unable to tear himself away from the busy touring circuit.

Annie Jones (Sherry Charbonneau): Little Oral Annie is a most unusual Toreador. But she takes her art seriously, to the delight of porn fans everywhere.


Ferdina Jonasdottir (Candace Harborne): A Caitiff, Ferdina was conditionally adopted by the Toreador, who have lately cut her loose and has her back again... but it seems she's still everybody's whipping girl.



Jeffrey Stenbeck (Frank Losier):  Recently arrived from Edmonton and now the Primogen.


Christopher Kennedy (Chris Barsanti): After a quick rise to power during his first stay in Winnipeg, Christopher abuptly left town. He returned a few months later a driven man and quickly rose to the position of Prince. Recently kidnapped by Nosferatu, he has withstood that ordeal and is back, perhaps with as-yet-unknown scars.  After a brief return to Winnipeg, Christopher Kennedy served with his Unseen Excellence and now has raised to the ranks of Archon.


Thomas Kendrick  (Jamie Koehler):  The former Prince of Gimli now resides in Winnipeg.

Lady Manon (Terrakian Wintermoon):  The new Primogen of the Ventrue clan.



The information on this page may be used IC by any Winnipeg-based character who would have access to the Harpy Records. All other characters must consider this information OOC. The only exception to this is the listing of Court Officers and Primogen, which may be used as IC by any player.