Blood Hunts

Shade: This member of the coterie known as the Dead Man's Hand was declared bloodhunted by Prince Leo in support of Clan Toreador, for various crimes against that clan.

Michael Wyndham: For trying to turn Winnipeg into an Anarch State, Wyndham was bloodhunted by Prince Annastasia. He escaped her grasp, but not the summoning of Prince Kennedy.

Edgar: Declared bloodhunted by Prince Annastasia, Edgar broke Domain by blowing up some Cathayans. Currently hanging with Anarchs, when summoned, he brought an entourage with him that made his capture too risky to the Court's safety.

Pope Killian Davidovich: Breach of Domain was the official reason for this bloodhunt, called by Prince Annastasia. But upon the death of that Prince, Killian reappeared in Winnipeg to seek a pardon at the hands of Justicar Malaphar. The bloodhunt is currently under review, and may be quashed should Killian complete a year's service fighting demons in the employ of Malaphar's Archon, Stigmata.

Helmut Wolfe: Not only was he guilty of killing Dominic Jacobi with a chainsaw during Elysium in Fargo, Wolfe was also careless enough to have allowed the crime to be recorded on video tape, and to be witnessed by a mortal. First bloodhunted in Fargo, the Nosferatu Wolfe was then bloodhunted by Prince Annastasia in Winnipeg, in accordance with a sort of reciprocity treaty between the two cities. Wolfe is still at large.

Johnathon Babbage: Prince Wessex called the bloodhunt on Babbage. While he is still at large, whispers are occasionally heard that he is permanently boxed up in Justicar Pedder's basement.

Bishop: Found to be guilty of diablarizing the Toreador Martha, Bishop of Clan Gangrel was declared bloodhunted by Prince Roarke. The bloodhunt was completed in the spring of 2000.


The information on this page may be used IC by any Winnipeg-based character who would have access to the Harpy Records. All other characters must consider this information OOC.