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Player Actions

Player actions are the playerís way of remaining active during the week. They are due on the Monday before the game by midnight; exceptions can be made for special events. Player actions are to be  e-mailed to David Harbone or Amber Kendall

Player actions should include the following:

XP spending:

Anything you spend XP on must be justified and explained in your player actions. Players are allowed to buy one of the following each month.

  • 1 Physical Trait
  • 1 Social Trait
  • 1 Mental Trait
  • 2 Influence (level 1), or 1 Influence at any other level
  • 2 Abilities
    • 1 Physical Ability Athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Drive, Firearms, Melee, Repair, Seduction, Stealth, Survival
    • 1 Mental Ability Academics, Animal Ken, Awareness, Bureaucracy, Computer, Empathy, Etiquette, Finance, Intimidation, Law, Leadership, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, Science, Subterfuge
    • Questionable: (We'll let you know on a case by case basis): Crafts, Expression, Hobby/Prof/Expert, Investigation, Performance, Scrounge, Security, Streetwise
  • Disciplines
    • In clan: 2 weeks Basic, 4 weeks Intermediate, 8 weeks Advanced
    • Out of Clan: 3 weeks Basic, 6 weeks Intermediate, no Advanced
  • Buy off Negative traits - Subject to ST approval

Influence actions:

This section should include any uses of influence, e.g.:

  • Getting information on another character or NPC
  • Stopping a story from appearing in the newspaper
  • Loaning influence.

Information about any scenes that you have done between games:

Any scenes that you played out between the two games should be listed here. If we donít find out a scene took place, it didnít happen. Please tell the STís about out of game scenes in your player actions.

Please include the following details:

  • Who was in attendance
  • What was discussed (Point form is fine)
  • What, if anything, was concluded
  • If anything changed hands, let us know what it is

Short-term goals, if you have any:

Should your character have any short-term goals, list them here; also list what she has done towards achieving them. Short-term goals should take between 4 to 6 months, if not longer, to achieve.

Long-term Goals

Should your character have any long-term goals, list them here; also list what she has done towards achieving them. Long-term goals should take 6 months, or longer, to achieve.

What your character is doing between games:

List any actions taken by your character between games. Please be as detailed as you can with this. It saves us having to come back to you to get more information.

Examples of things you could be doing:

  • Spend time traveling around the city to learn the lay of it
  • Spying on Sir Cedric, with video cameras placed in an office across the street.
  • Hanging out in a certain location in hopes of meeting the right class of person to work on getting influence.

The list of things you can do goes on and on; be creative. As a general rule, the more things you do in between games, the more stuff you will likely have to do during the game.


We canít be everywhere, private scenes can be missed by us, so please put them in your player actions so we know about them.

If you lost humanity, put that in your player action for our records.

Player Actions Example Sheet

Player Name: John Smith

Character Name: Collin Halls

Date From: September 11/1999

Date To: September 25 /1999

XP Spending:

    Current XP: 7


    • 1 XP for Firearms, because I have been practicing at the Firing Line gun club for the past month
    • 2 XP on my second level of Police Influence. I found out that Officer Smith likes to cross-dress, so Iíve made contact with him informing him that if he does not do what I want from time to time, the whole department will find out.
    • 1 XP to buy the Social Trait Intimidating because of the way I intimidated Officer Smith, and that Brujah from last game.

    Remaining XP: 3

Influence actions:

  • Check for any rumours coming out of Transcona using my Police x1 Influence.

What your character is doing between games:

  • Going to the Firing Line three nights a week for gun practice
  • For Week 1
    • I follow the Anarch to his home after court on Saturday, using Drive x3 not to be seen and Investigation x2 to tell if he has seen me.
    • Continuing to investigate various police officers. Currently, I am trying to find out more about the Chief of the Department located on Pembina Highway across from the Safeway. I am doing this by following him and checking his garbage.
    • Throwing myself at the ground, trying to get earth meld to work.
  • For Week 2
    • Assuming I have found where the Anarch lives, I will leave a note in his mailbox that says the following: "You have enemies in the court and I am not one of them. Meet me tomorrow night alone at the Garrick movie theatre for the late showing of whatever movie is in theatre #1. Come up the left hand side. I will be watching for you, and remember: come alone."<.li>
    • I will go to the theatre, using Mask of 1000 Faces. (I would like to meet and play this scene out on Wednesday or Thursday. Either week is fine.)
    • I will also spend some time following any of the Chiefís kids around to see if I could use them.
    • Throwing myself at the ground, trying to get earth meld to work.

Short-term goals:

  • Create a friendly work relationship with some of the Anarch members, so I can use them to get to be Prince.

Between Game Scenes:

  • Meet with the Anarch from Saturday


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